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Optional Enhancements


Optional Enhancements

Make your Canyon Ranch Massage even more unforgettable.

Take your Canyon Ranch Massage up a notch and indulge in the therapeutic bliss of aromatherapy. Select your choice of these fragrant blends:
  • Balancing – Lavender, ylang ylang, ginger, eucalyptus
  • Relaxing – Roman chamomile, marjoram, lavender, tangerine, cedar wood, rose absolute, geranium
  • Therapeutic – Rosemary, black pepper, eucalyptus, cajeput, birch
  • $20

Enhance your Canyon Ranch Massage with this exotic blend of coconut milk, raw honey and exotic nut extracts rich in natural antioxidants, with a bounty of nutrients to revitalize, moisturize and balance the skin. This luxurious formula is enriched with royal jelly, known as one of nature’s prime nutrients, to support elasticity and skin tone.

  • $20