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Advanced Restorative Touch Therapies

These modern therapies use knowledge and techniques that have been around for centuries. Consider these modalities if you experience chronic shoulder, neck or back pain, restricted range of motion or soreness in joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction or other conditions resulting from repetitive stress.


Therapists use percussion massage and advanced bodywork techniques, softening fascia and releasing adhesions throughout your body that may be restricting function and gait. This allows the whole musculoskeletal system to find a more comfortable, balanced state. Connective Tissue Rebalancing addresses deeper tissue without discomfort or pain. Please wear comfortable clothing. (For a specialized treatment for the hips, legs and feet, see Spring in Your Step, on this page.)

$285 for 80 minutes
$340 for 100 minutes

This treatment is recommended for those who regularly receive massage and who enjoy intense bodywork. Specialized, focused techniques reach deep muscle layers and address points of attachment as well as the belly of the muscles. These techniques tend to be slow and coordinated with deep breathing.

$180 for 50 minutes addressing two or three areas
$275 for 80 minutes – a full-body massage
$330 for 100 minutes

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is excellent for the reduction of chronic complaints such as sciatica, headache, shoulder pain and other painful conditions that aren’t responding to traditional therapy. NMT is precise soft-tissue therapy with the purpose of releasing hyper-contraction and spasms in the soft tissue, eliminating trigger points that cause pain and restoring postural alignment and flexibility. You will be provided with information to help you continue the process of positive change at home. Please wear comfortable clothing.

$285 for 75 minutes

In native traditions, the sweat lodge is a place of cleansing and healing for tribal members. When the effects of the sweat lodge are combined with bodywork, it produces a profound response. Your journey (pronounced twa-ba-ha-ji-dah) begins in our hydrotherapy tub as you are massaged in warm water from head to toe. Then, in a steam-filled room, your already-warm, relaxed body is massaged again. This treatment is tailored to your needs, and may incorporate massage techniques using the therapist’s hands and feet, deep stretching and hot and cold towels. Swimsuit required.

$370 for 100 minutes

Your tired, overworked feet will be cleansed and softened with a relaxing scrub, preparing them for a dedicated massage to soothe aches and melt away tension. You’ll enjoy serious relief from muscle soreness and fatigue. Perfect for weary hikers and dancers.

$155 for 50 minutes

Restore the natural spring in the arches of your feet with a combination of hands-on techniques and percussion vibration. This session will focus on both legs from foot to hip and may be felt throughout your body. Please wear comfortable clothing. (For a full-body treatment, see Connective Tissue Rebalancing, on this page.)

$185 for 50 minutes

Float comfortably in a pool of warm water while a therapist uses massage techniques to soften muscles, stretch tissues and open energy pathways. As your body dances and sways through the water, it reaches a state of relaxation so deep that the mind can follow. From this space, a freedom of awareness encourages and allows healing to occur. Watsu is exceptionally effective in addressing stress, chronic back pain, orthopedic limitations, arthritis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, range of motion issues and therapies involving emotional release. This is a profound, holistic body experience unlike any other. Swimwear required.

Watsu Duet – Share the relaxing therapeutic benefits of Watsu with someone special. Two practitioners provide a customized treatment for both of you.

$180 for 50 minutes
$360 for 50 minutes – Watsu – Aquatic Massage Duet

Our signature treatment is delivered on the innovative WaveMotion™ table, which allows for three-dimensional movement and a feeling of weightlessness. The unique features of the table, combined with a variety of massage techniques tailored to your needs, can help improve muscle relaxation, flexibility and blood and lymph flow. Not recommended for anyone prone to motion sickness. Please wear comfortable yoga or workout-type clothing.

$180 for 50 minutes
$330 for 100 minutes
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