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Mike Siemens, M.S.


Mike Siemens, M.S.

Director of Exercise Physiology
Canyon Ranch in Tucson

After receiving his master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Arizona in 1991, Mike joined Canyon Ranch. Serving as director of the exercise physiology department since 2001, Mike draws upon his many years of hands-on guest experience, certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association and the Burdenko Institute, together with his personal training as a triathlete and endurance athlete, to create customized exercise programs for a wide variety of fitness levels and movement goals.

Passionate about helping people establish an effective, safe and enjoyable exercise routine, Mike specializes in designing programs for sustainable weight loss, endurance training, preparing for athletic competitions such as triathlons, and multidisciplinary practices such as the Burdenko method, which can aid in recovery and hone efficient movement and performance. Continually energized by teaching people how exercise can improve the quality of their lives, he considers a guests’ transformation from unfit to healthy as his greatest professional accomplishment.

Mike’s passion for activity extends to his home life as well, and away from the Ranch you can catch him running after his three children, gardening or caring for his 10 egg-laying hens.