Specialty Weeks


Specialty Weeks

At times during the year, the Life Enhancement Program® concentrates on specific topics. Specialty Weeks allow you to focus more intensively on the pursuit of a personal goal, whether that’s tackling a health concern, losing weight, exploring spiritual pathways or simply living healthier.

To find out if a Specialty Week is right for you, call Life Enhancement Program Director Jim Eastburn at

Our 2016 Specialty Weeks include:

Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

If you’re ready for a science-based program for healthy weight loss and lifelong optimal weight, the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program is for you.

Focus on Women: The Journey to Wisdom

Join with other women to explore questions about transitions, examine life’s possibilities and celebrate the joy in living.

Focus on Brain Health

Our integrative team of professionals will share information and strategies to keep your brain fit for life.

Renew Your Spirit

Explore your inner life and discover new ways to nourish your spirit.