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Spiritual Wellness Center at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

We invite you to enhance your stay with a visit to our beautiful Meditation Garden at the Spiritual Wellness Center.

For many of us, cultivating a spiritual existence is vital to living a balanced and healthy life. Spirituality contributes significantly to health and healing, contentment of mind and heart, improved relationships and connection with community. It’s about looking beneath the surface of things and finding ways to be in touch with the beauty and subtlety of life. During your Canyon Ranch stay, allow our experienced spiritual wellness providers to help you explore and connect more deeply with what brings meaning, value and purpose to your life. Embarking upon your spiritual journey at Canyon Ranch requires no religious affiliation, nor does it encourage giving up any particular faith. Wherever you are along this path, we will be there as guides and companions.

Drawing from both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, our caring team employs transformative, mindful and sacred practices to enhance this connection – such as spiritual guidance and dialogue, ritual and ceremony, affirmation, contemplation, meditation and healing. Find out what resonates with you and rediscover the joy of life!


With guidance from a spiritual wellness provider, explore your character for the purpose of making an honest assessment of how you can arrive at greater spiritual balance. Your ultimate goal: to reach greater levels of contentment and happiness by coming into greater alignment with spiritual values.

$235 for 50 minutes



This sound-focused treatment is designed to bring mind, body and spirit into balance. High-frequency, gemstone-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing BowlsTM are placed directly on your body, gently delivering deep resonance and profound healing frequencies to restore harmony in all areas of your life.

$235 for 50 minutes



Creative expression is a powerful way to get in touch with your inner self and can foster a spiritual connection. Discover (or rediscover) the creativity you were born with by exploring an avenue of expression that resonates with you. Learn how to use it as a tool to bring awareness, presence and transformation into your life. Areas of creative exploration may include:

  • Drawing
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Writing

$235 for 50 minutes



Loss and grief are an inevitable part of life, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to move forward. Our spiritual wellness team is available to provide spiritual support for grieving individuals or families. We’ll offer resources to call upon when sadness overwhelms, encourage you to talk about your loss, and help you create a practice of remembrance. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, a cherished pet or a sense of personal identity, we are here to assist and guide you.

$235 for 50 minutes



Creating a spiritual legacy gift for others is a way to be remembered for what matters most to you, celebrate your life, heal regrets, and make a positive difference in others’ lives. Guided by a spiritual wellness provider, you’ll reflect upon and clarify the wisdom, beliefs, stories, life lessons, history, love and blessings you want to share with your family and future generations. You’ll then consider a plan to express this legacy of the heart in a way that brings greater peace, meaning and purpose to your life.

$235 for 50 minutes



Are you ready to move on? This powerful session will help you create or move through a significant life change, choice, passage or transition. Through dialogue and ceremony, your Rite of Passage will help you celebrate, commemorate, release, unite or reconcile. Adaptable to virtually any event, intention or milestone, your personalized rite can involve one or more people. You may choose to focus on:

  • Birthday
  • Breakup
  • Career change
  • Empty nesting
  • Life transition
  • New habits
  • New parenthood
  • Retirement
  • Weight loss

$235 for 50 minutes



Explore how your lifestyle and beliefs can support your body in being a vehicle for the soul and spirit. Through centering and awareness, you will learn to step into personal alignment of body, mind, heart and spirit. This session may include the creation of a daily ritual for the expression of sacredness in your life. Your experience can focus on one of these areas:

  • Body image
  • Physical changes (decreased mobility, recent surgery or diagnosis)
  • Physical healing

$235 for 50 minutes



Allow yourself to be guided on an inner journey and experience your spiritual nature. Develop insight and intuition that can create healing as it transports you to a higher state of consciousness, awareness and understanding. Your Soul Journey takes place in a sophisticated sound- enhanced environment and uses imagery, music and breath to create a sacred space in which to receive these emotional, mental and spiritual gifts.

$235 for 50 minutes



This service focuses on the human quest for a spiritually meaningful life. Through conversation, intuitive tools and guidance, a spiritual wellness provider will help you explore your spiritual path and find new ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life. No matter what your faith or level of spiritual experience or belief, this session can help you deepen your personal spiritual practice.

$235 for 50 minutes



A spiritual wellness provider will guide you in exploring your relationship to fitness and movement from a spiritual perspective, and teach you to apply spiritual principles to your daily fitness practice. Learn to let go of beliefs, perceptions and judgments that impede your physical and spiritual progress in life.

$235 for 50 minutes



This powerful service is a pivotal sound exercise that opens a gateway to your deepest being: the song of your healing heart. Guided by a spiritual wellness provider, access your inner soul sounds through your body and voice. Discover frequencies of love, health, forgiveness and rejuvenation. Learn to activate essence and light from within using this vibrational connection.

$235 for 50 minutes

Spiritual Wellness Center

Our beautiful spiritual oasis, with its inviting Sanctuary and Meditation Garden, is the ideal place to begin or deepen a spiritual practice – or enjoy a peaceful moment.

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