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A caring expert can help you develop insights, tools and strategies to bring greater joy and vitality into your life. We can easily arrange for follow-up consultations with your Canyon Ranch professional to support you in maintaining your progress.

Teen Services: Canyon Ranch welcomes guests ages 14-17 when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note that the accompanying parent or guardian must sign a consent form and book all services for guests under 18, and an adult must be present for most services. Ask your Program Advisor for details.


Biofeedback is a proven technology that uses many techniques to reduce tension, redirect negative thoughts and improve performance and other mind-body interactions. With a trained practitioner, you’ll choose between:

  • Biofeedback to assess the level of stress across five parameters (breath, muscle tension, temperature, heart rate and skin response) and consider ways to reduce these responses. This is a great service to see the actual stress response as you experience it, and provides excellent data for feedback on physiological reactions. 50 minutes.
  • Biofeedback focusing on your heart rate variability measurement with techniques for effective stress reduction and ease of use. This can be a fun method for looking at the harmony between mind and body. 50 minutes.
$195 per 50 minute sessions

Putting your inner world into visual form can be a surprisingly powerful exercise that can yield far-reaching insight. We offer several types of “mapping” that can enhance your understanding of where you came from, where you are and where you’re headed. Use this service to explore family dynamics and emotional patterns, and/or brainstorm during life transitions. Available techniques include life maps, journaling techniques, archetype exploration and creative timelining tools.

$170 for 50 minutes

Have you ever wanted to connect with your ancestors? An expert genealogist will guide you in creating your family tree or finding a specific ancestor. You’ll also learn how to chart, prove and share your genealogy, and you will receive a detailed folder with copies of all documentation found.

Part I – 25-minute consultation to discuss your goals and the scope of your search.

Part II – The genealogist conducts your research (you need not attend).

Part III – 25-minute follow-up to discuss results.

Note: These session times can be modified to accommodate your specific genealogy needs.

$230 for Parts I II and III

Calm your mind and body. Meditation, visualization and conscious relaxation have a long history in the promotion of physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development. These practices often bring about improvements in stress-related conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and hypertension. Work with an expert to determine which techniques are right for you. Then, learn to use one or more of these techniques to promote healing, serenity and self awareness.

$170 for 50 minutes

Stress overlooked can erode your health and quality of life. Stress managed well can be empowering and even exciting. In this session, learn ways to perceive and respond to stressful situations with greater clarity and effectiveness.

$170 for 50 minutes

Gluten and Grains

Get Gluten and Grains: Making Sense of the Headlines, plus more gluten-free and healthy living tips from Canyon Ranch.

Mind Your Mind

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