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Get personalized insight and advice about successful weight management from a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.


Weight loss is a complex issue. Could it be your metabolism? Now you can find out. Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) calculates the energy needed to fuel your body while you are at rest. In this three-part service, a noninvasive RMR assessment determines the number of calories you require for daily living – information that will be used to create a customized nutrition plan.

Part I – Resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing. 25 minutes.

Part II – Meet with a licensed dietitian/nutritionist to review your RMR results, health and diet history and weight loss goals and assess your daily calorie needs. 50 minutes.

Part III – You and your licensed dietitian/nutritionist will work together to develop your personalized eating plan. You’ll receive individualized recommendations, menu suggestions, and tips for hunger management and portion control. 50 minutes.

Note: We also recommend a strength and conditioning consultation so you’ll be able to maximize your efforts to reduce body fat or gain lean muscle.

$540 for all three sessions


This consultation gives you nutrition strategies for achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. Your weight may also influence risk factors for certain diseases. Even a small reduction in weight can improve many of the health concerns associated with being overweight.

Part I – A licensed dietitian/nutritionist assesses your weight history,  eating patterns, lifestyle factors and health issues that influence your weight. 50 minutes.

Part II – You receive individualized recommendations, menu suggestions, and tips for hunger management and portion control. Includes an estimate of your caloric needs. 50 minutes.

$310 for both sessions


Weight gain and increased body fat often occur with age in both men and women, and may require an integrative approach to weight management. In this combination service, you’ll receive state-of-the-science exercise and eating recommendations designed to achieve a healthy weight and decrease overall body fat.

Part I – Meet with an exercise physiologist to determine your target heart rate for maximum calorie burn during exercise. This consultation also includes a skinfold body composition analysis, measurement of waist circumference and exercise program design. 50 minutes.

Part II – A licensed dietitian/nutritionist will use your body composition to determine your ideal calorie level for weight loss, and recommend strategies to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 50 minutes.

Note: If you would like a calorie-controlled personal eating plan, a second nutrition consultation will be necessary.

$320 for both sessions

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