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Our doctors of chiropractic medicine can help with neck and back pain, extremity and joint disorders, and sports-related injuries. Initial visit includes a history and brief examination before treatment.
times & fees vary


Your chiropractor may recommend our specifically designed massage to complement your chiropractic treatment.
$180 for 50 minutes
$275 for 80 minutes
$330 for 100 minutes


If you experience discomfort when you walk, visit a Canyon Ranch certified athletic trainer for a complete biomechanical assessment of your feet and legs, including a gait analysis and foot scan. Foot Doctor custom orthotics may be recommended as a noninvasive treatment of foot-related problems such as knee, hip and back pain. They also may be helpful in treating conditions such as bunions, corns, hammertoes, sore arches, plantar fasciitis, sore ankles, shin splints and more.
$70 for 25 minutes


Exercise and movement have been shown to prevent injury and disease. If you’re experiencing limitations or musculoskeletal pain that disrupt daily living, or you’d like to become more active, this service may be for you. A certified athletic trainer will complete a full musculoskeletal evaluation identifying areas of impaired movement, function, mobility or pain, create a treatment plan and deliver therapy. You’ll receive a therapeutic exercise plan, including home care and a follow-up plan for a return to optimal comfort and range of activity.
$205 for 50 minutes


Learn to use the body you were born with more efficiently and comfortably. A physical therapist evaluates your muscle length, strength, posture and alignment. Learn therapeutic exercises that help you improve functional strength and posture, recover from injury or surgery, reduce chronic pain, or rehabilitate chronic neurological or orthopedic conditions. If you’ve been told to just live with it, or you think you should be better by now, try this. A home exercise program and self-correcting techniques will be provided if appropriate. More than one session may be helpful.
$205 for 50 minutes


Shockwave therapy is a series of sound waves applied to an injured site on the body – a nonsurgical treatment that can help relieve musculoskeletal pain or injury. The sound therapy breaks up any scarring that has penetrated tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues in the body, and reactivates the body’s natural healing process. Laser may be combined with shockwave to enhance the healing effect – it is noninvasive and nonsurgical, with virtually no side effects. A Musculoskeletal & Joint Assessment is required prior to treatment. Number of Shockwave and/or Laser Therapy sessions varies according to need. 25 minutes.
fees vary 


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