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Energy Therapies

While energy medicine is relatively new to Western culture, its origins in Asia are thousands of years old. Healing energy is based on the theory that energy imbalances can cause physical disease and pain. Just as negative changes in the body’s energy can cause disease and discomfort, positive changes can support healing.


Craniosacral therapy adjusts the subtle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it circulates around the brain and spinal cord. Using very light, sensitive touch, the therapist monitors the flow to determine where restrictions are located and gently releases them. This soothing therapy encourages optimal fluid movement throughout the body. The result is a deep sense of calm. Please wear comfortable clothing..
$150 for 50 minutes
$240 for 80 minutes
$300 for 100 minutes

The Acutonics system of sound healing uses the power of vibration, intention and light touch to bring body and mind into greater harmony. Tuning forks applied to acupuncture points, chakras and trigger points awaken and align the meridians and energy centers of your body, bringing them into balance. The treatment takes place in a healing sound environment created by bells, gongs and drums. Please wear comfortable clothing.

$195 for 50 minutes


Experience deep relaxation and calm as a Canyon Ranch energy therapist creates a treatment to balance mind, body and spirit. In this balanced state, your body is able to access its natural healing ability. You may experience decreased anxiety and fatigue and improved circulation, concentration and sleep quality, creating a profound effect on your well-being. Please wear comfortable clothing.
$150 for 50 minutes
$240 for 80 minutes
$300 for 100 minutes


This ancient Japanese rejuvenation method connects and balances energy pulses to relieve tension in body, mind and spirit. Your Jin Shin Jyutsu therapist guides the session according to your body’s individual needs, exploring and holding various energy locks until harmony is restored to your entire being. Please wear comfortable clothing.
$150 for 50 minutes
$240 for 80 minutes
$300 for 100 minutes


This deeply relaxing, calming energy therapy is provided by nurses certified in Healing Touch with a focus on holistic care. The nurturing approach uses gentle touch to enhance your natural restorative processes by clearing, aligning and balancing your energy, promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, while creating a sense of peace. Healing Touch is especially useful for stress reduction, anxiety, depression, injuries, fatigue, grief, sleep issues, transitions, acute and chronic illnesses, headaches, cancer care, pain, post-surgical procedures, addictions, spiritual growth and awareness. Self-care suggestions specific to your concerns are included. You will remain fully clothed during this treatment.

$220 for 80 minutes


Reiki promotes healing through methods rooted in Eastern spiritual tradition. The therapist gently places his or her hands over your head, chest, abdomen and back, producing a calming effect. You may experience decreased anxiety and fatigue, and improved circulation, concentration and sleep quality. Please wear comfortable clothing.
$150 for 50 minutes
$240 for 80 minutes

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