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Canyon Ranch® Medicine is a new paradigm of health care, featuring personalized integrative medicine. Our board-certified doctors include experts in lifestyle and integrative medicine, including weight loss, nutrition, sleep medicine, cognitive wellness, gut health, fitness, optimal performance and healthy longevity. Bringing innovative approaches to a wide range of health conditions, our physicians address issues as challenging as sleep disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer – employing proven alternative methods of pain management. Treatment programs are designed to fit you as an individual, complementing and enhancing any treatment you are currently receiving.

Meet our team of expert medical professionals.

After your visit, our doctors will provide detailed recommendations and, upon your request, will communicate with your physician at home. Followup consultations are also available. Canyon Ranch is the perfect place for a truly comprehensive checkup under one roof. You’ll appreciate the expertise, thoughtful approach and attention to detail – not to mention the luxury of an unhurried medical consultation.

Note: We suggest that you book medical services early in your stay, so you’ll have time for testing and follow-up care if necessary.

Diagnostic laboratory testing

At Canyon Ranch, our team of experts will provide access to many standard and innovative lab offerings. You may choose to concentrate on one or more of the following:

  • Biomarker Health Status: Identify your current state of wellness, or your risk for serious health conditions.
  • Gut Health/Digestive Wellness: Tests will show how well you are digesting food and absorbing nutrients, and measure the presence of good and bad bacteria, yeast and parasites in your body.
  • Healthy Weight: Many factors aside from diet and exercise – lack of rejuvenating sleep, stress, hormone imbalances and high cortisol levels, for example – can influence body weight. Our physicians will help you find any contributing factors in your case.
  • Heart Health: Simple assessments can determine an optimal plan for prevention or treatment of heart disease. Select lab tests developed in concert with the Cleveland HeartLab® may include basic lipid panels, blood glucose levels, or advanced analysis to evaluate biomarkers and measures of inflammation.
  • Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome: You’ll be assessed on how efficiently you process glucose, and other factors that influence your risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes.
  • Nutritional Health: This test will evaluate your nutritional status in five
    key areas: antioxidants, B vitamins, digestive support, essential fatty acids and minerals.
  • Thyroid Dysfunction: Our diagnostic function tests can detect if you have an undiagnosed thyroid problem that may be contributing to a range of symptoms and potential health risks.
  • Women’s or Men’s Health: Explore laboratory options with one of our physicians to determine how your hormone levels may play a role in your ability to live a happier, healthier life.

An initial consultation with a Canyon Ranch physician is required to determine your clinical needs. Additional fees for lab tests apply.

Preventive & Integrative Physician Consultations

Meet with a board-certified physician trained in integrative medicine for an unhurried, uninterrupted, personalized assessment and find the health care you’ve been looking for.

Energy Therapies

While energy medicine is relatively new to Western culture, its origins in Asia are thousands of years old. Healing energy is based on the theory that energy imbalances can cause physical disease and pain. Just as negative changes in the body’s energy can cause disease and discomfort, positive changes can support healing.

Sleep Medicine

Emerging evidence supports a link between disrupted sleep and risk of heart disease, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, ADHD, cognitive decline and chronic pain. Diagnosing and treating sleep disorders may improve management of these conditions as well as contribute to better health  and well-being.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine offers widely respected complementary approaches to holistically maintaining wellness and promoting life balance.

Sexuality & Intimacy

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about this vital part of life – one of our compassionate Canyon Ranch physicians can help.

Musculoskeletal Health

Our superb staff is here to help you feel better and move more freely.

Diagnostic Services

Nowhere else will you find as integrated an approach to complete diagnostic testing.

Gluten and Grains

Get Gluten and Grains: Making Sense of the Headlines, plus more gluten-free and healthy living tips from Canyon Ranch.

Mind Your Mind

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