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Modern assessment tools provide insights that can help you improve your life.


Resentment, irritability and anger can have serious long-term effects on your cardiovascular health. Find out how angry you are compared with others, and learn strategies and techniques to improve your emotional balance.

Part I – Complete a questionnaire about psychological experiences that promote or hinder your cardiovascular health – including how you experience anger and to what extent you do things in a Type-A manner. 25 minutes.

Part II – A therapist will meet with you, and will help you develop your responses to pressure, stress, time and more.
50 minutes.

Note: Pre-arrival booking is required.

  • $265 for Parts I and II

Your ability to focus attention and remember important details is essential to functioning at your peak. Many factors affect these capacities, including aging, emotions and lifestyle habits. Research indicates that you can improve brain function with lifestyle changes, cognitive strategies and stimulation. In this two-session consultation, you will learn how to improve your ability to process and remember new information.

Part I – Engage in a series of attention and memory assessments. 100 minutes.

Part II – Receive a comprehensive report detailing your test results and recommendations for improving your attention and memory skills. 50 minutes.

Note: Pre-arrival booking is required.

  • $695 for Parts I and II

When you understand your cognitive abilities and skills, you can align a strategy for brain longevity and vitality. You may choose this service to learn how stress, sleep and other variables can affect your cognitive abilities and lifestyle. Engage in a series of computer-based exercises designed to assess your cognitive function. At the conclusion of the sessions you’ll receive a detailed plan for maintaining or improving your cognitive ability. Two sessions, 50 minutes each.

  • $570 for 100 minutes
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