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Life Management


Life Management

Our experienced team can help you develop insights, tools and strategies to bring greater health, vitality and happiness into your life. We can easily arrange for follow-up phone consultations with your Canyon Ranch therapist/coach to support you in maintaining your progress.

Meet our team of Life Management professionals.

Our Life Management staff offers many complimentary presentations and for-fee workshops – please check This Week at Canyon Ranch for these intriguing talks on topics of interest.

Lifestyles Management

Get professional, objective advice from a licensed therapist/coach.

Coaching Services

A licensed therapist/coach can help you move forward and overcome obstacles on your path to peace of mind, happiness or a life goal.

Mind-Body Connection

Body and mind are inextricably linked – our experts offer a number of innovative tools for bringing them into balance.

Self Awareness

We offer a variety of fascinating ways to explore your inner world.


Modern assessment tools provide insights that can help you improve your life.