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Inner wisdom is available to each of us; learning how to find it is part of the journey. Metaphysical consultations provide insight and offer intriguing alternate pathways to self-awareness. You’ll receive a recording of your session, or you may choose to use a recording app on your phone. Connect with our caring providers via telephone in between Canyon Ranch visits. Please contact your Program Advisor for more information.

Angel cards are said to access the energies of angelic beings. When you’re facing challenges, angel messages offer encouragement and positive affirmations. An angel card reading is useful for seeking guidance with your life path. The gentle messages of the angel cards help to soothe and calm your emotions.
$235 for 50 minutes

A reading of your birth chart offers practical insight about you and your path, while considering changes for the upcoming year. Your natal chart – based on date, time and place of birth – contains information about your personality and issues such as love, career, health, wealth, travel and spirituality. Each reading includes a 12-month forecast.
$235 for 50 minutes

Astrocartography is a locational astrology system that focuses on elements of your natal chart – the date, time and place of your birth – and how these factors correlate on a world astrocartography map. Find the best places for relocation, travel, love, career or financial success by revealing your “power spots.”
$235 for 50 minutes

Gain personal insight, transformation, emotional growth and healing using crystal alchemy. Your natal astrological chart inspires your astro-gemology mandala, incorporating gemstones and crystals. Analysis of the astrological wheel will reveal the unique birthstones for each of your planets. A metaphysical provider will help you focus crystal energy with your own intention and meditation.
$235 for 50 minutes

Discover new insights that will guide you on your path, based on information from your day, month and year of birth that reveal details about your personal characteristics, traits and development. Chinese astrology is based on the five elements (earth, fire, water, metal, wood), yin and yang, chi and the cycles of time. 50 minutes.
$235 for 50 minutes

A safe, secure way to gain more insight into decisions and changes. Clairvoyants have been sharing their intuitive gifts since ancient times. Reading the energies of your aura can illuminate life experiences and provide clarity and understanding. A reading may reveal future events and past lives.
$235 for 50 minutes

Gems, crystals and minerals have been used for insight and healing for thousands of years. Learn about the magic and lore associated with precious gems and rare earth minerals. This service will show you how to listen to messages from rocks and crystals, and how to harness their subtle energies for emotional and spiritual healing.
$235 for 50 minutes

Each space you occupy – your home, office, yard – has a flow of energy (chi). By learning to manipulate chi, you can become more peaceful as well as powerful. Our feng shui practitioner will review your floor plan with you and suggest how simple changes in your space can effect significant changes in your life.
$235 for 50 minutes

Handwriting analysis allows you to look deeper into your conscious and unconscious beliefs and understand what makes you think and behave the way you do. Through an in-depth analysis of your personality and mental, emotional and physical states, you can make changes to alter your life. Conducted by a certified handwriting analyst and based upon a rich scientific history.
$235 for 50 minutes

Numerology is founded on the belief that all things can be viewed as vibrating energy formed into organized patterns. These patterns have a harmonic resonance with numbers that reveal qualities about any living thing. Numbers corresponding to your full birth name and birth date can give insight into your soul’s mission and your life path, as well as current and future trends.
$235 for 50 minutes

The archetypal images of the tarot cards reflect our collective unconscious. A tarot reading can offer practical guidance by opening up deeper, nonverbal levels of self-awareness. Insights gained can offer possible alternatives to your present questions. During the session, you will be guided through several interactions with the cards and given an interpretation of their meaning.
$235 for 50 minutes

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