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Find greater balance in life through personalized instruction in calming self-care practices from around the world. Whether you’re just getting started or wish to enhance your current practice, explore any of the following one-on-one services:



In these sessions, formulate goals specific to your dosha (physical constitution) and find balance through pranayama (breathing practices), asanas (poses), meditation, mudras (hand gestures) and other techniques.

Part I – Using classic evaluative techniques, including body-awareness scans and breath-awareness exercises, your instructor will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. 50 minutes.

Part II – Your instructor selects, adapts and modifies the basic tools of yoga for an experience customized to your ayurvedic constitution and goals. Your session may include centering techniques, breathing practices, mudras, asanas, relaxation exercises and meditation techniques. 50 minutes.


$280 for Parts I and II


Aerial Hammock Yoga

In this nontraditional yoga, the hammock helps support your body in traditional yoga poses. In contact with both the hammock and the floor, you will immediately feel the improvement in flexibility, strength and alignment, and you’ll achieve greater benefits from your yoga classes and other physical activities.


Breathing Practice

Proper breathing is vital for good health. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce muscular tension, improve circulation, reduce stress and foster overall well-being.



A mind-body instructor teaches and leads you through techniques to develop your ability to let go and be in the moment. In addition, you’ll learn strategies for applying meditation to daily life.


Qi Gong

This gentle Chinese mind-body practice integrates physical movements, coordinated breathing and meditation. Your instructor will teach you a series of movements that restore and balance chi – the life force – and release unhealthy inner tension and stress. A great tool for daily life.


Tai Chi

This form of Chinese mind-body exercise builds unity of mind, body and breath through slow, controlled martial arts movements. Tai chi serves to heighten chi – the essence of your being.



A skilled yoga instructor corrects or enhances your poses, provides tips on alignment, breathing and intention. A great way to perfect your practice whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner.


Individual Session $140 for 50 min

Duet Session $220 for 50 min

Small Group Session (3-5 people) $95** for 50 min

Large Group Session (6+ people) $510 50 min


** Per person per session.


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