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Canyon Ranch exercise professionals are among the best in the world, and they can be invaluable in helping you establish or refine a customized exercise routine – no matter what your current fitness level. Book a consultation to get your exercise questions answered by true experts.
Note: Dress for exercise, including footwear.

“What should I do?”
Our graduate-trained exercise physiologists are knowledgeable in the science of exercise and can assess your preferences, health history, goals and needs and design a program just for you.

“Am I doing this right?”
Our highly trained and certified personal trainers can work through your program with coaching and demonstration, so you can experience each movement and exercise to take home.



Get the type of evaluation and advice that professional athletes enjoy.

Part I Begin with an extensive assessment of your fitness. Tests include a body composition analysis, flexibility testing, upper- and lower-body strength assessment, and a submaximal treadmill test to estimate aerobic capacity and determine your optimal target heart-rate training zone. 50 minutes.

Part II An exercise physiologist reviews your test results with you and compares them to norms for your age. Together, you’ll develop an exercise prescription for improving your fitness in areas important to you. 50 minutes.

Note: We suggest that you book these assessments prior to arrival. This service is for apparently healthy people with no major risk factors for vascular or heart disease. Men over  45 and women over 55 should speak with a Program Advisor about American College of Sports Medicine® guidelines for taking this test. You may need to take a Cardiac Stress Test first with a physician. If you are an experienced exerciser or competitive athlete,  you may want to explore ways to improve your peak performance by doing a Metabolic Exercise Assessment.

$380 for Parts I and II



If you previously had a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment and wish to track fitness changes and compare your test results then and now, this is the recommended service.

$240 for 80 minutes



Using state-of-the art Biodex® equipment, an exercise physiologist will assess your fall risk, balance, proprioception (your sense of where you are in space) and help you improve mind-body communication.

Part I – The Biodex Balance System SD will determine:

  • Fall Risk Assessment – are you at medical risk of falling?
  • Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance – are certain areas in need of balance skills improvement?
  • Single Leg Assessment – is one leg better than the other at balancing?

50 minutes.

Part II – An exercise physiologist will review your test results and prescribe a targeted exercise plan to help you improve your balance, using equipment available to you at home. 50 minutes

$370 for Parts I and II



How old you are and how old you feel may be two different things. Your physiological age is an indication of how well your body is holding up with the passage of time. By learning your fitness age in each of five areas, you’ll discover which areas stand to benefit most from your attention.

Part I – An exercise physiologist will administer the following tests. 50 minutes.

  • Body composition to assess fat and lean muscle mass.
  • Submaximal exercise test to determine aerobic capacity and VO2 maximum.
  • Muscle strength and power testing, including upper and lower body.
  • Evaluation of balance.

Part II – An exercise physiologist reviews your test results and what they reveal about your fitness age. An exercise prescription for improvement will be provided. 50 minutes.

$395 for Parts I and II



A great opportunity if you have had the Discover Your Fitness Age service on a prior visit. Compare your fitness scores to see if you have become younger physically.

$260 for 80 minutes



Determine your aerobic fitness level (VO2 max) and learn how many calories you really burn when you work out. This service is recommended for people who want to change body composition, learn the most effective way to burn body fat, determine aerobic threshold, increase stamina and fitness or improve sports performance.

Part I – An exercise physiologist administers a submaximal exercise test while you exercise on your choice of cardiovascular exercise equipment: elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stationary bike or treadmill. 50 minutes.
Note: This test cannot be performed in a pool.

Part II – After analyzing the data, your exercise physiologist will explain your results and design an exercise program to maximize your workout and enhance your training program.
50 minutes.

$395 for Parts I and II

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