Go Ahead, Try It!

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Go Ahead, Try It!

Whether you’ve been to Canyon Ranch once or have been coming for years, there’s always something new to try each time. In fact, that’s part of the fun. You can enjoy all your favorite activities and services – and you can expand your personal repertoire in a place that’s safe, inspiring and filled with possibilities.

Program Advisor Catharine Nguyen at Canyon Ranch in Lenox says she especially loves helping guests discover a new opportunity.  “It’s a truly wonderful feeling when the guest tells us that it created true transformation or helped with an issue they were dealing with.”

Catharine recalls one guest who was experiencing intense emotional issues that were affecting her digestion and eating habits. “Together we decided that Healing Energy might be beneficial. After her service she came straight to me looking amazing and said she felt as though a rock had been lifted off her shoulders!”

On your next visit to Canyon Ranch, please meet with an expert Program Advisor who can tell you about new offerings – or offerings that are new to you – that can make your experience richer than ever. Meanwhile, here’s what just a few guests have done for the first time:

A massage, a facial & more

Susan D. of Dallas says she practically had to drag her husband to Canyon Ranch in Tucson. He’s a corporate attorney who rarely takes time to relax. “He’d never even had a massage,” Susan says. Finally, he agreed to try one recommended by his Program Advisor. “He didn’t like handing over his BlackBerry to me, even for a little while,” Susan says, “but then he decided to have a facial right after the massage! When he came out two hours later, he said, ‘So, what’s this yoga class that’s about to start?’ I was stunned.”

Discovering acupuncture

Kristen C. from Southampton, N.Y., had been experiencing severe headaches and decided it was time to try an alternative treatment. She was amazed at the results of her first acupuncture session at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. “This was a new experience for me,” she says. “I appreciated the doctor’s knowledge, confidence and calm demeanor.” Kristen enjoyed the warming sensation she felt throughout the treatment. She was surprised and delighted that a massage followed. Best of all, the headaches have gone away. “This treatment has inspired me to continue acupuncture back on Long Island,”
she said.

Earthy & creative

Amy Gould of Florida is a longtime Rancher who says she comes from a family of artists but had never done anything creative on her own. She saw the Terrarium Expressions class listed in This Week at Canyon Ranch in Tucson and decided this was her chance. Instructor Susan Luedtke supplied small glass jars with covers and colored soils, fledgling succulents and other items to personalize each guest’s piece.

Amy dug right in. She has now made two terrariums and says they are more meaningful to her than she could have imagined. “Susan gave us little capsules so we could put personal tokens in, and we added them in, too,” she says. “Each person in our group made a totally different terrarium.  It’s a form of self-expression. It honors desert traditions, and my little succulents have grown just as my intentions have.”

Amy’s terrariums also help her stay connected to Canyon Ranch, she says. “I wanted to make something, and I wound up feeling something.”

Kettlebells & more

Boston dermatologist James Ida, M.D., says he needed to build core strength due to herniated discs. His Program Advisor at Canyon Ranch in Lenox recommended private fitness instruction with kettlebells, which are bell-shaped dumbbells with thick handles used in repetitive swing, snatch, clear and jerk patterns.

“I’d seen guys using kettlebells in the gym I go to at home, so it was practical for me to do something I can continue with,” he says. “The trainer was super – very encouraging. I learned the basics and I know what to work toward. He even drafted a written handout of exercises I’d learned, so I can repeat them and get the body memory. Trying kettlebells reinvigorated me. I’d get bored with the gym when I was doing just weights, but now I can combine weights with core exercises.

“I also tried the Inner Journey … and I did a tarot card reading the same day, which was very inspiring. It was kind of a magical day!”

What will you discover on your next visit to Canyon Ranch? Remember, the best thing you ever do may be something you haven’t tried yet!