New at Canyon Ranch, New to You

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New at Canyon Ranch, New to You

Every year when our new Guide to Services comes out, new services join our extensive menu of choices. We don’t want you to miss anything, so here are just a few of our all-new services and classes to check out – and don’t forget the ones you simply haven’t tried yet! Our Program Advisors can help you pinpoint the classes and services that will interest, challenge or delight you most. Here are just a few of our latest offerings (fees may apply):


Long & Lean Barre Workout
If you want a full-body-toning workout with a difference, don’t miss this fun class. Lots of high-repetition exercises at the ballet barre and mat work leave you energized, toned and balanced. Give it a whirl!

Targeting Body Fat
Get the help you need to decrease potentially harmful visceral body fat. You’ll receive a personalized nutrition and exercise prescription based on targeted tests that determine your body composition, calorie burn and more. Sessions with an exercise physiologist and a nutritionist use your data to create focused strategies to help you lose deep-down fat and regain your healthiest body. Learn More

Western Herbal or Naturopathic Medicine Consultation
Interested in natural ways to enhance organ function, prevent illness or address a chronic condition? Ask about our new Western Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine consultations, to learn how to access the healing powers of nature. Learn More

Tucson & Lenox

This energetic cardio workout will leave you laughing and sweating. You’ll even rest on the move! (Also available in Miami Beach.)

Pilates Clinic
Pilates is popping at our Tucson and Lenox resorts. Spring into action with our new Pilates  Jumpboard Clinics for a low-impact cardio workout to enhance your practice.


Pilates for Osteoporosis Management
… And speaking of Pilates – this clinic is a great way to strengthen your muscles and improve posture and balance. You’ll use the Reformer and mat and learn exercises specially designed to support the skeletal system.

30-Minute Shred
Definitely try this class if you want to find ways to incorporate high-intensity interval training into your cardio routine. It’s a calorie-burning half-hour that will keep on giving.

Restorative Massage
Time to rest after all your energetic efforts. If you have sleep concerns, this new service will transport you into a state of profound peace, as you’re soothed with organic ingredients using techniques designed to quiet the body and brain. You’ll feel your whole body and mind relax. The perfect way to end a day. Learn More

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

If you’re visiting Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa for the first time, why not try a service with a Miami twist, using our unique Sound Table? (Available exclusively in Miami Beach.)

Mindlink Relaxation Therapy or Sole Reflexology
The Sound Table takes a Canyon Ranch Massage or Reflexology foot massage (your choice) to a whole new level of experience. As you relax on the Sound Table, specially designed recordings and sound equipment allow you to not only hear but feel a landscape of relaxation-inducing sounds while you enjoy your body work and sink into utter tranquility. Simply unforgettable.