Holistic Approach Was Key to Weight Loss

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Holistic Approach Was Key to Weight Loss

Ken and Nancy Arlen can pinpoint their Aha! moment in the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program.

Weight loss and lifestyle change began when a Resting Metabolic Rate test showed them how many calories each burned in a day. They learned how to use that knowledge to assess how much they needed to eat and exercise to lose or maintain weight. “That was a light bulb that went on,” says Nancy.

However, extending that moment of clarity into a complete change of lifestyle takes more than just knowing how to eat. The catalyst that made change possible was learning about every aspect of healthy living, says Ken.

Putting it all together
The Weight Loss Program at the Life Enhancement Center® in Tucson, Arizona, helped because it was so comprehensive, he says. “It helps you become a rounded person, spiritually as well as physically – from brain health to exercise and meditation, as well as nutrition. I really feel I can trust all the experts. You learn all the facts and then put it into action at home.” 

The Arlens went through the Weight Loss Program in 2011. It was Ken’s second visit, and Nancy’s first. Ken is a musician and producer of live musical events, and Nancy designs clothing for yoga and meditation. They returned to Tucson in March this year to enjoy the Ranch and refresh their healthy lifestyle intentions. They hiked, played tennis and took lots of classes.

“All of those activities were much easier and more enjoyable after the weight loss,” says Nancy, who has lost 40 pounds since her LEC visit.

Eating smart
Their regimen of healthy eating and regular exercise resulted in Ken transforming fat into muscle. His overall weight loss was 4 pounds: The difference is, he says, his former weight is now healthy muscle mass; and he has more stamina overall. “My body fat percentage went down from 27 to 14 percent.”

Having nutrition information listed for each menu item proved helpful. “It gives you a good perspective,” says Nancy. “After a week, you really get a sense of how to eat a balanced diet.”

And, says Ken, “The food was amazing; all healthy and beautifully presented. You could come for a week and do nothing except eat the food, and you’d feel better.”

Nancy also took cooking classes with a Ranch chef. “I loved it. I have all the information and tools to put healthy eating into practice; and I love the recipes on the website. Now, when I go to a store I know exactly what foods I want, and I check out the ingredients. I really enjoy how I feel after I exercise – but I think the main thing for me was changing what I ate.”

Feeling good for life
Best of all, say Ken and Nancy, they can enjoy activities that weren’t possible before, like hiking with their two adult children. “It’s empowering to be able to walk up a mountainside,” says Nancy. “I have more confidence and more energy. The LEC was just benefit upon benefit upon benefit.”

“I think we both feel younger than we did 10 years ago,” says Ken. Keeping a healthy body and staying active is like owning a car, he says, echoing Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman. “The difference is in how you maintain it.”