In This Moment

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In This Moment

by Enid Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founder

I was walking across the Ranch in Tucson recently and noticed a group of buildings that looked different somehow. I honestly couldn’t recall anything we’d changed recently. Then it dawned on me – I’d been seeing these buildings for 33 years but hadn’t really looked at them in ages. It made me aware of how they might appear to a first-time guest.

This seems to be the stage I’m in right now. Despite what my busy, busy calendar might suggest, I don’t feel an urgent need to do things constantly. I enjoy just being. I want to take my time and appreciate what’s all around me. This might have seemed impossible to me years ago, but right now it’s perfect.

I’m sure this frame of mind is partially inspired by the little ones running around our house these days. We are lucky enough to see our six grandchildren and great-grandchildren often. The oldest is a mom, the next is 9, and the rest are between 4 months and 4 years old. That’s enough to change your point of view!

My 2-year-old great-granddaughter recently came to me proud as could be, showing me a treasure she’d found. What she had in her hands were special soaps that had been beautifully arranged in an antique container in the bathroom. My grandma brain thought, “Oh my God!” but her innocent mind thought, “Magic!” What a nice lesson for me.

Children see so many things as beautiful, while we take so much for granted. We place a certain value on objects and know our surroundings so well we could walk through life with our eyes closed. Personally, I think kids have the right idea. They are great teachers for us all!

So that’s my goal for right now. To slow down, appreciate everything – the place, the things and, above all, the people – that give meaning to my life.

And I will never look at that group of buildings the same way again. They’re beautiful, by the way.