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ETYSDSHWRTHInvesting in Savannah for a Brighter Healthier Future

Savannah, Georgia, is a city of history and legend. Elegant brick buildings and trees overflowing with Spanish moss inspire nostalgia for the bygone days of steamboats near the same streets where today’s students at the world-renowned Savannah College of Art and Design thrive in an atmosphere of innovation. Savannah is also home to Charles and Rosalie Morris, who have been Canyon Ranch guests in Tucson and Lenox for more than 20 years.

“Ros and I love Savannah,” explains Charles. “All of my five children were born in this city, and my company, Morris Multimedia, is headquartered in Savannah.”

For all its beauty, history, and world-famous food, Savannah also sits squarely in the nation’s “stroke belt,” and more than 25 percent of adults are not just overweight but obese. “Savannah has been good to us,” says Charles, “and we want to continue to make it better. When we heard about the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program and the impressive results participants are experiencing around the country, we knew this program could be the answer. We’re pleased that we have the resources to financially sponsor this experience for others to learn from and improve their lives.

“I probably wouldn’t be alive today at age 74 if it weren’t for Canyon Ranch and what I learned there. Rosalie and I want people in our community to have the opportunity to be healthier and feel better just as we have.”

The Morrises and Savannah’s Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, a federally qualified community health center, have partnered with Canyon Ranch Institute® to bring the CRI Life Enhancement Program® (CRI LEP) to the city’s residents. As with other CRI LEP partner sites, the majority of the clinic’s patients live in poverty and have at least one chronic disease.

Plans also include creation of a demonstration kitchen on the site of Savannah’s historic Trustees’ Garden, which is located near the clinic. The Trustees’ Garden is also home to the Charles H. Morris Center, a multi-event venue restored by the Morrises in 2008.

Canyon Ranch and CRI Founder and Board Member Mel Zuckerman believes Charles’ and Rosalie’s generous decision to fund a CRI LEP in Savannah is a profound choice with many positive implications for the future. “Enid and I are honored by the Morrises’ decision to bring the CRI LEP to Savannah. Charles and Ros are to be commended for their commitment to Savannah. I’m very proud of them and of our Institute.”

Rosalie says she sees the need for the CRI LEP whenever she shops at the grocery store and notices the unhealthy foods people put in their shopping carts. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel to turn things around, but we need to get started to make a difference. We can do this with Canyon Ranch Institute’s help and the help of the team at the Curtis V. Cooper clinic.”

Savannah has survived many changes, from becoming more diverse in population to balancing priorities of historical preservation with the need to grow and develop. Charles and Rosalie Morris believe that in the future, Savannah will be recognized not only for its historical renown but for the health of its residents.

Canyon Ranch Institute® is a nonprofit public charity that makes Canyon Ranch healthy living programs and education available in low-income communities everywhere. To learn more or to add your support, please visit