Healthy Feet

Advanced Foot & Leg Therapy


Advanced Foot & Leg Therapy

You walk, dance, hike, play and run on them. They’re subjected to high heels and pointy toes, banged against cement, jumped on, stressed and overused – and they never get a day’s rest. No wonder your feet hurt.

Give your feet the care they deserve, alleviate pain, and find solutions to problems at the Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet™ center. Developed in partnership with Dr. Glenn Copeland, author of Healthy Feet: The Foot Doctor’s Complete Guide for Men and Women and The Foot Book, the center is devoted to advanced foot health and comfort.

Painful feet can cause your knees, hips and back to hurt, as well. Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet experts offer full gait analysis, orthotics, athletic shoes and rejuvenating foot and leg therapies. All treatments incorporate GEHWOL® therapeutic products to relieve, soothe and revitalize sore and aching feet. You’ll enjoy serious relief right now and can address underlying problems so you’ll be more comfortable every day. Your feet will thank you!

Gait Analysis

Meet with a highly trained foot expert for a complete evaluation of your needs.

Foot & Leg Therapies

Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet™ offers a range of relaxing, therapeutic services focused on feet and lower legs.