Most disease processes are caused by an interaction between genetics, lifestyle and environment. We are now able to accurately determine some of the genetic differences that may predispose us to disease.


Genomics testing is particularly helpful for people with a family history of significant disease, those wishing to take a proactive stance on their health, and anyone with challenging medical issues.

Using information about your genetic inheritance, learn how to optimize your health through lifestyle, dietary and medical therapies. Nutrigenomics is the emerging science of the potential influence of food and nutrient supplements on genetic expression.

Part I – Genomics Consultation
Preliminary consultation with a physician to review medical, family and lifestyle history, and determine which tests are right for you.
50 minutes.

Part II – Nutrigenomics
Using the information from Part I, a nutritionist will identify eating strategies and supplements that support your genetic pattern.
50 minutes.

Note: Fees for genomics lab tests, physician analysis and follow-up depend on specific profiles investigated.

  • $480 for Part I
    $255 for Part II