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Nowhere else will you find as integrated an approach to complete diagnostic testing.


This service will give you a complete picture of your current cardiac and lung function, exercise efficiency and performance. While you walk or run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike, a physician uses advanced testing equipment to determine your aerobic fitness level (VO₂ maximum), optimal exercise heart rates, anaerobic threshold and accurate calories burned at any given heart rate. This test is also the state of the art for determining the safety of your participation in an exercise program: You will be screened for arrhythmias, EKG changes, exercise-induced asthma, obstructive lung disorders and blood pressure tolerance of exercise. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or just getting started exercising, this service will help you work out with maximum safety and efficiency – and get maximum results.

Part I – A physician uses an EKG and metabolic test equipment to measure your oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and cardiac and lung function during exercise. This test can be performed on a treadmill or bicycle.
80 minutes.

Part II – In a follow-up session, an exercise physiologist will interpret your test and create an exercise prescription to meet your health and fitness goals. 50 minutes.

$985 for Parts I and II


This test detects heart and blood pressure problems and helps the physician evaluate the safety and efficiency of your exercise program. Consider taking it if you are starting an exercise program, need to find a personal target heart rate, have a family history of heart disease or are over 50. Performed by a physician and includes a cardiac-risk history, a heart exam and physician’s recommendations.
$670 for 50 minutes


This sophisticated test is helpful for anyone concerned about stress, depression or anxiety, and for people living with diabetes. Using a computerized recording of your heart rhythm, your heart rate variability – an indicator of stress and heart attack risk – is assessed.

Part I – Testing. 25 minutes.

Part II – Your Canyon Ranch physician reviews the results with you and recommends techniques to improve your heart rate variability. 25 minutes.

Note: Recommended as a standard annual test for people with diabetes.

$405 for Parts I and II


This accurate assessment of body composition will help your physician, nutritionist and exercise physiologist to work with you in developing a plan to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. It measures not only total body fat but also lean tissue. DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) is the same technology used for bone density measurement (may be arranged as a separate test for those interested). Although this test uses radiation, the amount is minimal. The radiation from 135 DEXA body composition measurements are equivalent to that from one chest X-Ray.

Part I – A physician administers the test, interprets your results and advises you about reducing your risk for disease.
25 minutes. Note: This test requires removal of metal objects from your person.

Part II – In a follow-up session, meet with an exercise physiologist who will interpret the test data and help you plan an exercise program for changing body composition.
25 minutes.

$490 for Parts I and II


Bone loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis) puts both men and women at risk for spine and hip fractures, a common cause of late-life pain and immobility. Your physician evaluates your bone mineral density using DEXA technology, then explains your results and offers recommendations. For women, this can help in making decisions about hormone replacement therapy, other medications and exercise programs. Younger women at risk for osteoporosis because of chronic dieting, compulsive over-exercising, family history or low dietary calcium can use these test results as a baseline in overall health planning. Men at risk, smokers and people over 60 should also consider this service – at-risk individuals receive valuable advice about exercise and calcium replacement.

Note: Can be combined with DEXA Body Composition.

$680 for 50 minutes


Audiogram screening can measure hearing across the frequency spectrum and detect hearing loss. Our Canyon Ranch physician will talk with you about the results and ways to improve hearing.

Please allow 25 minutes for the test and 15 minutes for follow-up with a Canyon Ranch physician.



The pulmonary function or spirometry test measures lung capacity and flow rate, and can be helpful in diagnosing asthma, smoking-related lung disease and other breathing problems.

Please allow 25 minutes for the test and 15 minutes for follow-up with a Canyon Ramch physician.


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