For Your Body & Mind


Movement For Life

Get stronger, leaner and more flexible – in both mind and body. Our specialized equipment includes:

  • Balanced Body Reformer
  • GYROTONIC® Tower
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Split-Pedal Stability Chair
  • STOTT Pilates® Rehab Reformer
  • Trapeze Table (Cadillac)


Balance is a dynamic process of stabilization that allows us to move freely and confidently through the world. Work one-on-one with a movement therapist to develop skills to enhance your stability, safety and grace by strengthening your sense of your body as you move through space.
$140 for 50 minutes


Your posture affects how you think and feel and how others perceive you. Good posture is an expression of intrinsic confidence and grace, and it prevents muscular tightness and pain. In this session, your posture and gait are assessed and you receive practical tips and simple movements to practice at home. Your movement therapist may use Pilates to find the right approach for you. The result: more comfort, less tension, deeper breathing, greater mental clarity and a new spring in your step.
$140 for 50 minutes


The Gyrotonic method is a revolutionary system of exercise that unlocks the rejuvenating powers of the body. The Gyrotonic machine guides and supports the whole body through a series of spiraling and undulating movements designed to systematically open the joints, integrate the spine and strengthen the muscles.
Note: GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.
$140 for 50 minutes


This mental and physical conditioning system uses specially designed equipment to strengthen and stretch the whole physique. It reshapes and aligns, builds true core strength, increases flexibility, improves posture and coordination and promotes a healthy, focused mind. Everyone from athletes to those with chronic pain or limitations can benefit from expert instruction in Pilates. Sessions can be booked individually, with a partner (duet) or in a small group (three to four people).
Individual Session: $140 for 50 minutes
Duet Session: $220 for 50 minutes
Small Group Session: $95 per person for 50 minutes


Challenge yourself to a Pilates cardio interval workout. Increase your heart rate, burn fat, improve bone density and create a long, lean, strong body. Reformer experience required.
$140 for 50 minutes


In this fusion workout using the Pilates Reformer, develop a high level of fitness and mind-body awareness as you hold traditional yoga postures against the resistance of the spring-loaded Reformer. Yoga and Reformer experience required.
$140 for 50 minutes

* Also available as a group clinic opportunity. See This Week at Canyon Ranch.

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