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Gait & Footwear Analysis

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Gait & Footwear Analysis

Because your feet are subjected to enormous use and constant wear, even small abnormalities can cause big problems. The right shoes and orthotics – inserts for shoes – can effectively correct many physical problems that arise from improper foot mechanics.

25 minutes
Meet with a highly trained foot expert for a complete evaluation of your needs. The review will include a complete video analysis of your gait and a precise assessment of the biomechanics of your feet as you walk across an orthotics mat. Upon completion of the analysis, your foot expert will make recommendations for orthotics, if indicated, and for the right shoe for you.Consider a Gait & Footwear Analysis if:
  • You suffer from general aches and pains from the foot to the low back
  • You have “flat feet” or “high arches”
  • You suffer from pain anywhere in the foot, or in the ankles, knees, calves, hip or low back, either chronically or with athletic activity
  • You have calluses or corns
  • You have abnormal wear on your shoes
  • You have arthritis in your lower body

Note: This service is not appropriate for evaluating prescription orthotics you are already using.

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