How We Love to Hear From You!

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How We Love to Hear From You!

By Jerry Cohen, Vice Chairman and CEO, Canyon Ranch

To all our guests and friends – I hope your year is off to a happy, healthy start! We hope to see you at the Ranch again soon – and we always love to hear from you.

I can’t overstate how much we value your comments, opinions and suggestions. They influence every change we make – not just the new classes and program offerings, but even the smallest things.

Along with several others at the Ranch, I read each and every guest survey, email and TripAdvisor review, and believe me when I say they are taken very seriously.

We are thrilled that 30 percent of you offer feedback on your experience – that’s compared to about 5 percent industry-wide! We try to acknowledge each comment, either by letter or email, because it’s important that you know we really care what you think. Your input helps us become better.

You might even see the result of your comment during your next stay. For instance, the design of the complimentary Ranch tote bags was altered a couple of years ago, but many of you thought the “messenger style” bags were awkward and not exactly user friendly. In response to that input, we brought back the old-style bags. Your requests also resulted in last year’s addition of all-day espresso and smoothie café menus in Tucson and Lenox – a wildly popular move! These are just two examples of the improvements we’ve made based on your comments.

Even if your suggestions haven’t brought immediate or obvious results, don’t assume that we’re not listening. We always factor in guest opinions for our future plans. Meanwhile, if there’s something you want and you don’t see it, just ask! We’ll do our best to accommodate your requests, or at least let you know that we’re considering them.

Whether you choose to communicate through a guest survey, social media, phone or letter, know that we’re listening and your opinion really matters – so please, chime in anytime!