Spirituality & Creative Arts

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Spirituality & Creative Arts

Creative Arts & Soaring Spirits

Many people crave a stronger mind-body-spirit connection, yet the first two components often get more attention than the third. Maybe that’s because your spiritual side requires a quieter, inward focus, which is not so easy to access in our noisy, hurry-up world. The creative arts are one pathway for tapping into your inner resources in a joyful, natural way. You can pick up a paintbrush or camera and quickly enter the zone that connects you to your spiritual core. It’s a way to delve into your inner being and communicate in ways that are beyond words.

“The arts and spirituality are integrative by nature,” says Josh Luckow, Health & Healing Associate Director at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. He points out that Canyon Ranch is expanding its arts and spirituality programs – sometimes in blended services – to foster healthy exploration and self-expression.

“For many of us, cultivating a spiritual existence is vital to living a balanced and healthy life,” says Josh. “Creating art can require deep focus and often includes a meditative aspect. By combining the two, we’re helping to raise the process of making art to a new level.”

Guests often amaze themselves with the things they create. Whether it’s a painting, bracelet, photograph, mosaic, sculpture or needlepoint, the finished product can tell a personal story and reflect an inner world of beauty, depth and meaning. Whether you’re a pro or just testing the artistic waters, every creative effort fortifies your spirit. You may find even greater inspiration by combining your vision with the power of nature; a hike that includes painting or photography can make you see art – and your relation to it – in a whole different way.

Nurturing your creativity nurtures your spirituality – and vice versa. It’s the perfect way to stay engaged in the amazing beauty within and around you.

Soulful Expressions

Remember the messy joy of finger-painting when you were a preschooler? Or the cool, blissful feel of clay yielding to your touch at that long-ago summer camp? You can feel that exhilaration anytime in exciting Canyon Ranch classes in Tucson and Lenox. In 2013, your choices will be greater than ever, with classes that combine aesthetics with spiritual and metaphysical pursuits, such as:

Vision Boards: Develop a vision around an area of interest in your life. Guided by one of our spirituality
experts, you’ll create a visual representation to help you bring your goals and desires into clearer focus.

Personalized Mandalas: The Sanskrit word “mandala” is loosely translated to mean “circle,” standing for wholeness and a model for the structure of life itself. It’s also a powerful meditation tool. Together with a Canyon Ranch spiritual guide, you’ll create your own mandala with a meaning for you alone.

Crystal Energy Jewelry:  Use the powerful energy of crystals to gain insight and enhance your life. A metaphysical guide will help you explore the unique properties of crystals and how they can help you through personal change and growth. From there, work with one of our talented jewelry makers to create a beautiful, wearable piece of art.

Intrigued? Look for spiritually focused events and activities scheduled through the year at Canyon Ranch. In Tucson, be sure to visit the beautiful and spacious new studio for art and spiritual activities. To explore your inner journey in depth, don’t miss Renew Your Spirit week at the Life Enhancement Center® in Tucson, November 17 through 23.

Let your creativity blossom and your spirit soar!


Creative arts for health and healing

If your goal is optimal health, don’t be surprised if the doctor prescribes a daily dose of the creative arts.

Newcomers often wonder how beading classes fit in with the acclaimed Canyon Ranch lifestyle, but give it a try and the Aha! moment hits home: Art is a great stress-buster. You’re relaxed, focused, enjoying the moment, feeling lighter in mind, body and spirit. This is what it means to be in a “state of flow.”

Expression through the arts – such as painting, music, movement, drama, literature, creative writing, and humor – enhances your health. Studies have proven it.

In health-care environments such as hospitals, patients and caregivers who participate in art programs are less stressed. Patients need less pain medication, are more involved in their treatments and experience shorter stays. Quality of care improves and costs of treatment go down.

So compelling is the evidence of the power of art to enhance health that physicians and other professionals in 1991 formed the Society of the Arts in Healthcare, an international organization dedicated to the advancement the arts to improve people’s lives.

So go ahead – pick up a paintbrush, sign up for a tango lesson or join a book club. It’s a healthy prescription for mind, body and spirit … not to mention just plain fun!