Pathways to Health & Joy

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Pathways to Health & Joy

 LEC: Enhancing Lives for 25 Years

In metaphysics, a vortex is defined as a high-energy spot on Earth where healing and spiritual insight are concentrated. 

If there’s a vortex anywhere at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, it must be the Life Enhancement Center®. Here, the Ranch principles of healthy living – staying fit, having fun, finding balance and achieving your highest personal goals – are condensed into a powerfully focused, self-contained program. It’s a force for well-being that has evolved and expanded over time.

And this year there’s more energy than ever at the LEC as it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary in May with events including special ’80s-themed programming throughout the month and a series of LEC lectures that will highlight a quarter-century of advancement in health information and practice.

Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman describes the Life Enhancement Center as “the ultimate expression of the Canyon Ranch mission.” Others say that, due to its relative seclusion, the LEC is the Ranch’s “best-kept secret.”

Jim Eastburn, LEC Director, is proud of the Center’s groundbreaking history, but especially emphasizes the idea of moving forward with advances in health education.

“That’s what we’re really about: seeking out the newest, cutting-edge information about health and wellness and passing it along to enhance the lives of our guests.”

If LEC guests share one commonality of purpose, it is “a desire for change,” Jim says. Whether the hoped-for change is big – to lose weight, stop smoking or cope with stress – or just a behavioral tweaking of everyday habits, “the goal is to become proactive, to live optimally, to become the best and healthiest person you can be, for the rest of your life.”

This shared desire for change is what forges a community within a community. That’s why LEC is ideal for first-time Ranch guests – and it’s the reason so many people return year after year. A typical group might include 25 to 30 guests, and the mutual support and shared discoveries make the program unforgettable.

The core week-long experience is the Life Enhancement Program® which can enhance anybody’s wellness, starting at any point and addressing any goals. The Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program, offered many weeks throughout the year, puts the LEP focus on healthy weight with a scientifically based approach that’s effective, practical and sustainable for life. For guests who share a specific interest, Specialty Weeks concentrate on women’s health issues, brain health and spirituality.

Participants in LEC programs have full access to Canyon Ranch facilities, services and activities. The difference is that the focal point of LEP guest activities is the Center, a comfortable, intimate retreat-like setting. The Center features well-equipped gyms, locker rooms and a beautiful dining room. Its cozy lounge and soothing meditation garden have a magnetic effect on guests.

Many guests report they’ve made lifelong friends here, according to Shirley Loose, LEC Coordinator of Programs. She notes the evidence in the Center’s dining room, where by midweek the smaller tables typically have been moved into a single large community table. “There’s a closeness that develops here among the guests,” Shirley says. “By Wednesday, everyone’s looking forward to having meals together, sharing their stories and their experiences. It’s really great – the staff sees it happen over and over.”

A Great Time for LEC

25th Anniversary Special

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