Health Packages for a Deeper Experience

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Health Packages for a Deeper Experience

Pursuing a health issue can be anything but a holiday. Too often it involves busy doctors, short appointments, long waits and impersonal results. At the other end of the spectrum is Canyon Ranch, where you can have a relaxing, fun, invigorating, all-healthy vacation. Sometimes that’s all you want, but other times you’re ready for more. A focused Health Package can help you get a head start on a personal health maintenance plan, and explore a wellness area in depth, all in the unhurried, stress-free Canyon Ranch setting.

Canyon Ranch health and wellness practitioners take an integrative approach that looks at your body as a whole, says Karen Koffler, M.D., Medical Director at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. Because your body, mind and emotions are inter-related, you’ll meet with diverse practitioners who’ll evaluate your health from all perspectives – lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, family history and more.

It takes a team
“A Health Package offers a team approach,” says Dr. Koffler. “It’s an in-depth, individualized review of yourself and your health and lifestyle patterns, because each practitioner on your team sees it through our individual lenses.”

For example, says Dr. Koffler, “One guest stopped smoking after 34 years following her Smoking Cessation Health Package. We used Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and nutrition, and she had two physician consultations.”

Stress Control and Weight Loss Health Packages are extremely popular, she says – and the results can be powerful. “One guest had lost the habit of addressing his stress. He came to us with hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Our practitioners completely inspired him. He also lost 33 pounds in six weeks. He wrote us after he went home, profoundly thanking us.”  

What are the choices?
Each multi-day package offers bundled services that strategically address your interests and needs.

“When a guest consults with us about a health issue, the team speaks in very positive terms,” says Dr. Koffler. “There are no ‘shoulds.’ We give the guest very grounded information in a non-judgmental way. We’re simply working with people to help them imagine what they can do for themselves. We help them envision the changes they can make, and show them how to turn them
into reality.”

The most wonderful vacation of your life can also be the most meaningful. Select from Health Package topics such as:

  • Executive Health Program
  • Optimal Living®
  • New Approaches to Weight Management
  • Back in the Game of Life: Gearing Up Before or After Surgery
  • Brain Fitness
  • Spiritual Health
  • Stress & Mood Management
  • Canyon Ranch Sports Training (Tucson only)

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