Canyon Ranch Memberships

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Canyon Ranch Memberships

Ten Thousand Years of Health

You can’t buy health – but you can build and maintain it. When it comes to creating healthier habits, a Canyon Ranch membership can function as a regular “refresher course” in healthy living, say many guests who have a Life-Share® Membership at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, or a Centennial Membership at Canyon Ranch in Lenox.

Membership passed the 1,000-member mark this year in Tucson alone. Memberships comprise 70 nights, over an average of 10 years. “That’s ten thousand years of health,” says Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman, who originally built Canyon Ranch so he and his wife, Enid, would have the incentive to live healthy lives.

“There’s no better place in the world than the Ranch to renew and recharge body, mind and spirit,” says Roque, a Life-Share Member from Palos Verdes, California. “Membership is a commitment as well as an excuse to go every year.”

Why membership?
Commitment, savings, renewal, relaxation and an added feeling of belonging are some reasons cited by guests when asked why they opted for membership.

“Membership has come to mean more to us than just saving money – though it certainly does that,” say Margaret and Neale, from New York City. “The program has made coming to Canyon Ranch feel like coming to a family reunion. Being a member feels like belonging.”

Flexibility is a big plus, says Brenda, a longtime Tucson Life-Share member from Dallas, Texas. Because she can transfer any of her membership nights, she frequently shares them with several family members.

“Not only do we benefit in body and spirit, but we come closer together as a family. Initially, I joined the Membership Program to commit to a lifelong wellness program. Eventually, the membership became more meaningful to me than I ever anticipated.” 

Fine-tuning health goals was the reason Steven, from Encinitas, California, became a member. “Being a member for a number of years has helped me attain my personal goals in weight management and quality of life,” he says. “For someone who is able to visit at least once a year, the membership benefits are the only way to go, and too numerous to mention.”

Forging family traditions
Membership has a special meaning for Jill, from Montclair, New Jersey, a Centennial Member in Lenox. “I’d been coming to the Ranch for many years when I brought my future husband in 2009, for his first visit. After a few days he surprised me by signing us up as members. Since then, we’ve visited Lenox 15 times. We participate in Dance Week twice a year – then drive home energized and elated, still hearing the applause.”

Promise yourself health, inspiration and joy. Learn more about Canyon Ranch Membership in Tucson at 520-749-9655, Ext. 4567, or Lenox at 413-637-4400, Ext. 5411.