Canyon Ranch SpaClub® On Board Queen Mary 2

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Canyon Ranch SpaClub® On Board Queen Mary 2

Seaweed Body Ceremonies – 100 Minutes of Luxury

By popular demand, Canyon Ranch SpaClub® is expanding its menu of revitalizing body treatments that showcase the benefits of hand-harvested seaweed from the wild northwest coast of Ireland. Now, passengers on Queen Mary 2, the legendary Cunard® ocean liner, can choose from three potent detoxifying and skin-smoothing ceremonies: Organic Seaweed Wrap Ceremony, Organic Seaweed Peat Wrap Ceremony and Organic Liquid Seaweed Wrap Ceremony.

Your service will begin as you’re wrapped with seaweed leaves and then in organic muslin, or with an organic seaweed-infused product and muslin, then cocooned in a thermal blanket as your body soaks up the sea’s life-giving balance of minerals, as metabolized and concentrated by seaweed. Each wrap is followed by a soothing full-body massage to melt away every last atom of stress, leaving you detoxified, relaxed and glowing with health. Fantastic!

Also new and exclusive to SpaClub at Sea:
Two luxurious new facials featuring products enriched by gemstones – Revitalizing Hydration Facial and Gemstone Anti-Aging Facial.