Relief from the Ground Up

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Relief from the Ground Up

Queen Mary 2 – Healthy Feet for Happy Tourists

Cobblestone streets, meandering marketplaces and ancient ruins are irresistible – and especially hard on your feet. After a full day in an exotic port, you’ll find the relief you need for hardworking feet at Canyon Ranch SpaClub on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2®. With Healthy Feet now on board, you can get an expert gait analysis and orthotics prescription and enjoy soothing foot treatments, so you’re ready for the next intriguing port of call.

Bottom line: You need your feet. And you need them not to hurt. But daily life and small abnormalities of the foot – not to mention special stress from ambitious event training and high-heel wearing – can take a huge toll on comfort and function. Canyon Ranch Healthy FeetTM to the rescue!

This innovative new menu of services and products, developed in partnership with foot expert Dr. Glenn Copeland, author of The Good Foot Book, and rolled out at Canyon Ranch SpaClub® in Las Vegas last spring, offers both immediate relief for aching feet and lasting, advanced solutions for foot and gait abnormalities that can cause big problems in the knees, hips and back.

In Tucson and Lenox, treat your feet to these new services:

Foot Rescue! – A therapeutic, invigorating foot bath and treatment to soothe and restore health to feet and nails.

Instant Relief – A treatment by a specially trained massage therapist that helps alleviate painful symptoms associated with a variety of foot problems.

You’ll also find guest favorite Reflexology on the Healthy Feet menu in both Tucson and Lenox, as well as Spring in Your Step in Tucson and Performance Orthotics Assessment in Lenox.