Harmony & Balance

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Harmony & Balance

By Enid & Mel Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founders

 The theme of this issue of Connection is Harmony & Balance, with an emphasis on balance. Balance, in every sense of the word, is, of course, important. Personally, though, I’m more compelled by harmony.

“Harmony” happens to be one of my favorite words. Harmony, or harmoniousness, is a concept that has always moved me. The thought of things “in agreement, in congruence, pleasingly combined” – as the dictionary has it – fills me with joy. Promoting it feels like my mission in life.

When I started out in the early 1960s as a homebuilder in Tucson, I called my company Harmony Construction, not because I thought it was clever marketing, but because it was what motivated me. I wanted to build homes and neighborhoods in which people would live contentedly, in harmony with themselves, with the environment and with each other. Sure, I needed to make a living for my family, and I loved design and construction, but what energized and excited me was the challenge of making my homes a little nicer, a little prettier, a little better quality for the money. It may sound corny, but it’s true: I wanted families to live happily in the houses I built.

I cannot explain why the idea of creating environments in which people feel free and at peace with themselves has always been so compelling to me. It’s just there, in the bedrock of my personality. Looking back, though, it’s clear to me that this drive – which I share 100% with Enid – is a big part of the origin of Canyon Ranch. Our shared commitment to our original vision has been vital, too, to keeping it on track through the years. If we can’t see how something promotes health (a form of harmony, when you think about it), or directly increases a person’s sense of ease and well-being, we’re just not interested – and neither is Canyon Ranch.

Every time I go out to talk to guests, people tell me how everything here works together, and how they feel better here than anywhere else. I’m delighted, of course, especially when I hear, as I recently did, that a loyal resort guest found the same peacefulness, caring and expertise at an ocean-going SpaClub.® Even where we’re only able to offer a tiny taste of Canyon Ranch, our staff makes it a memorably harmonious experience.

And why is our staff so fantastic? How do we train them to be so kind and welcoming? I get those questions from a lot of people who run businesses. It’s simple, really: Commonality of purpose, another form of harmony. We have always made it our first priority to hire people who resonate with our mission, individuals who already “get it” in their bones. Training only enhances the methods by which they express it.

When our guests say that Canyon Ranch is unique – that it’s nirvana, or, paradise, or like no other place on earth – I know that their experience here has added real harmony and balance to their lives. That’s the goal, and the practical, everyday magic of Canyon Ranch.

Enid & Mel Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founders