In Touch with Tanya Becker

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In Touch with Tanya Becker

When Tanya Becker presented her famed Physique 57™ workout for a featured event at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, she found a place that resonated with her own goals for good health and empowerment. Our guests got to experience the acclaimed 57-minute, all-round exercise program as taught by its creator and offered at Physique 57 studios in New York and Beverly Hills. Tanya discovered a place that fosters balance in the busiest of lives.

I’ve always worked very hard and recently found just the right balance for me. It came when I got married at age 39. In addition to my husband, I now have two stepchildren, 10- and 12-year-old boys — who are the perfect age for putting things back in perspective for you. They make sure you enjoy the simple things again. 

As adults we tend to leave the simpler joys behind, but kids bring them right back into your life. I remember when one of the boys interrupted my work to show me one of his new toys. I set aside my computer rather than lose that moment. Accomplishments are wonderful, of course, but it’s all about relationships and family for me. I need energy to enjoy all of it.

Stopping for air

When I first went to Canyon Ranch, I realized this was the place where you put your oxygen mask back on. It’s like being on an airplane, when they tell you to take care of your own breathing first so you can take care of others. We need to do that for ourselves so we can be of service to others in our private lives and in our work.

I’ve always tried to stay centered in the mind-body-spirit triangle, and at Canyon Ranch I can check in on what parts need attention. I might meditate more or do more for my body, get massages to release tension, or try different exercise classes. It all depends on what’s going on at the time. Visiting once or twice a year is a great way to keep track of how I feel, never getting too far off track. My mother comes with me now, too. It’s my time just with her — no rushing around or “we’ll catch up later!”

That’s hard to do at home.

Fitness, strength & balance

One of the key components of Physique 57 is balance. Creating it was my way of putting together everything I knew about fitness, exercise, dance, music and choreography. Obviously, it’s hard to find time for all of those things individually. And while cardio, stretching and strength training are all fine separately, the physicality and feeling when you put them all together is powerful and amazing. This program is effective because it satisfies all the body’s exercise needs.

Women who come into the studio are using this much-deserved time for themselves. I love seeing them get their personal power back after having children or maybe after suffering a professional or personal setback. It’s not about getting skinny — it’s about getting stronger and feeling more powerful. When you feel strong, it changes how you feel about yourself. We all need this strength.

Creating a business means I work many hours. However, family and relationships are at the core of my life, and I balance everything else with that. I journal every day, breathe, meditate and ask the universe to help me be loving and of service to others. May we all have balance and joy as we walk in this world.