Hijacked to Paradise

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Hijacked to Paradise

Day 1 |

Finally! Jeff said I could have whatever I wanted for our 20th anniversary. I said I wanted him to come to Canyon Ranch with me. This time he couldn’t say no!

We got here late afternoon and met with our Program Advisors. We’re starting off tomorrow with an early morning hike. The desert is beautiful and the weather’s great so he couldn’t complain, especially when I said I would go too.

Jeff admitted our dinner was fantastic and said there was plenty to eat. He asked me if it was fluke. Ha, ha, he’ll see.

Day 2 |

Wow, quite a hike this morning! Wild West scenery, cactus, exotic creatures and an awesome trail guide. He showed us some pointers for tracking animals by their paw prints and droppings. Jeff was the first to spot a hawk swooping down to grab some furry thing. The other hikers dubbed him Eagle Eye. Was Hawkeye too literal? Doesn’t matter – he loves his new nickname. He believes his newly discovered talent should be very helpful in Chicago. I bet we’ll both be sore tomorrow from this adventure, but it was worth it.

Okay, here’s a first – I actually got Jeff to an afternoon dance class with me. Trying new things – yay! I’m better at this than him because I take classes at home, but it’s safe to say we’ll both keep our day jobs. We were smiling nonstop and got a good workout. He called me his Zumba Queen!

Fabulous dinner – pizza and Italian “tapas” outdoors. Afterward we had side by side massages. We were walking back to the room later and saw the meteor shower everyone’s been talking about. We lay down on a couple of lounge chairs and just watched it happen. Maybe I did make Jeff come to the Ranch, but he’s finding it hard to dislike.

Day 3 |

Jeff saw a doctor and an exercise physiologist today. That’s the real reason I wanted him to come to Canyon Ranch. He found out he’s not exactly in “college shape” like he thought he was. He spent an hour with one of my favorite docs, who talked with him about his weight and his sleeping habits, which are terrible. The exercise physiologist did some high tech and low tech tests and strongly recommended more cardio exercise and strength training. I tried to act surprised when Jeff told me about these “expert observations” – as if I hadn’t said the same things a hundred times before!

We got caught in a “traffic jam” at dusk. Suddenly there was a herd of hairy beasts crossing our path. Jeff jumped! He said they looked like wild boars. I told him they’re called javelinas and they’re partial to Canyon Ranch. We got great pictures. Wildlife meets spa life! Tomorrow we search for pterodactyls.

Day 4 |

Jeff did yoga class with me! He decided it’s not as easy as it looks. Then he worked out in the gym and I took a creative arts class. Somehow I couldn’t convince him to make earrings with me.

Tonight I’m on my own after dinner. Jeff’s having an overnight sleep evaluation. Maybe I’ll have a facial before bed.

Day 5 |

Jeff has sleep apnea. The doctor told him that this could be a factor in his weight, his mood, his immune system – basically everything. Too bad Jeff never mentioned his sleep problem to our doctor at home. He’s going to get a CPAP machine to use back home. People say they’re excellent for apnea. I hope it works on his snoring!

And the good news: Jeff and I spent a chunk of today on mountain bikes! Neither of us ever tried it before. It rained here a few days ago so the creek was running. We had to ride through some wet places and came out splattered in mud, helmet to toes. If we’d sat in the sun we would have hardened into statues. It was the most fun we’ve had in ages. I guess we’ll be getting new bikes at home.

We’re leaving tomorrow so Jeff decided to try one more new thing – a facial! Now he knows why I love them. Plus he was told he has great pores, which he called his “dream come true.” I told him his skin looks a lot better and extra manly too.

Day 6 |

Surprise, we’re not leaving! I had to talk Jeff into this trip, and he’s returning the favor. Three more days!! He wants to try the Ropes Challenge next. If he’s brave, he might try a pedicure.