Rabbi at the Ranch

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Rabbi at the Ranch

Family, Traditions & You

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is a great fan of nurturing relationships away from the busy schedules and interruptions of home life. For her, Canyon Ranch has been the perfect retreat. She says her first visit with her mother was unforgettable.

“All the static was removed, there was nothing to interfere with our time,” she says. “I love to work out, Mom doesn’t, so on the first night I got right into bed exhausted. My mother took out two chocolate chip cookies and said, ‘Can I bribe you to come to the eight o’clock talk?’ We went together and had a ball.”

The rabbi points out that getting away with your spouse can be vital to a healthy relationship. “That’s when my husband and I get to do the things we can’t do at home with small kids,” she says. “Breakfast! It’s a chance to do what’s most important – connect.”

The rabbi likes that everything is in one place at Canyon Ranch. “You don’t need to fight over where to eat, what to spend, what to do next.”

Rabbi Hirsch looks forward to the time when her children are old enough to come to Canyon Ranch. “I want this healthy environment to be part of my children’s lives.”