Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

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Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

Since we first opened, Mel and I have searched for the right words to describe what Canyon Ranch means to people. It’s hard to put into words for someone who hasn’t experienced it, and sometimes our guests say it better than we can. This poem was written by Joy Stosz after her last stay. It’s a beautiful reflection on the Power of Possibility, and I hope you feel as inspired by it as I do.

– Enid Zuckerman
Canyon Ranch Co-Founder



Don’t ever say it’s impossible,
Until you give it a try;
Sometimes our strengths
are unlimited
We must always set goals high.

The power of possibilities
Is there if we seek it out;
But most things in life are not easy,
And of this there is no doubt.

Don’t settle for the mediocre;
Put forth effort and persist;
Write down several goals to
And try to check off the list.

Of those you have finally mastered,
Feel pleased with what you have done;
The reward for determination
Is a struggle you have won.

– Joy Stosz
Canyon Ranch Guest
November 29, 2011