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Canyon Ranch iPad Apps
If you have an iPad, you can access Canyon Ranch expertise wherever you go with three exciting new healthy living apps, now available for download.

Healthy Eats

Fuel up for your health. Featuring 60 Canyon Ranch signature healthy gourmet recipes, 19 how-to technique videos, and 34 actionable articles and tips, the Healthy Eats application makes it easy to infuse healthy cuisine and nutrition into your daily diet.

Everyday Fitness

Featuring 79 fitness videos and 25 actionable articles and tips, this application helps you reach your fitness goals anytime, anywhere. Providing multi-disciplinary fitness, yoga, Pilates, flexibility, strength, and posture tips and exercises for the beginner, the Canyon Ranch Everyday Fitness iPad application helps you fit fitness into your lifestyle.

360 Well-Being
Encompassing Canyon Ranch lifestyle, health, and fitness regimens, 360 Well-Being brings Canyon Ranch calm to your everyday life. Learn to keep a Zen state of mind all the time with a collection of 21 fitness and food videos, 91 actionable articles and tips, 20 meditations and 3 audio meditations from Canyon Ranch experts.

All three are available in the iTunes App Store for just $3.99 each. Please visit for more information.

Canyon Ranch on Facebook

We’ve greatly expanded our presence on social media – friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in touch with the latest news from the Ranch, plus get great recipes, breaking health news and tips for living well. You’ll also find new pages devoted to Canyon Ranch SpaClub® in Las Vegas and Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. Follow Us

Two New Books
by Canyon Ranch Co-Founder Mel Zuckerman


The Restless Visionary
Mel Zuckerman tells the Canyon Ranch story in his sensitive and very personal biographical memoir.  
“Deciding to build Canyon Ranch, I had no strategic plan, no grand aspirations and no sweeping idea for anything. I just knew one thing: I’d spent a month at a fat farm and I’d come away knowing that I had the power to make a lasting change in my health. When I saw that it could happen for me, I knew it could happen for others as well. I had found my mission: helping people with unhealthy lifestyles and restless souls make the transition to a healthier life.

“This story is the chaotic and crazy tale of how one imperfect, overweight, overstressed, often impulsive and irrational man woke up at 50, took a dramatic turn to wellness and never once looked back.” $25


Mel’s Tips for Healthy Living
Mel’s helpful hints for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – the essential wisdom of Canyon Ranch 
Would you like to feel, look and live better? Would you like to enjoy life more every day? Let Mel Zuckerman, the visionary founder of Canyon Ranch health resorts, show you how to transform your life by making sensible, proven changes that fit your lifestyle.

If you’re ready and willing to take charge of your health and your future, this energizing, easy-to-use little book is for you. In it, you’ll find hundreds of simple, authoritative, practical tips and strategies, plus whole-hearted encouragement to help you get started and keep going. $15

Books are available at the retail outlets of the various properties and by mail from the Ranch Store: 520-749-4100

The Sacred Promise
Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., Canyon Ranch Corporate Director of Development of Energy Healing, presents scientific evidence of the existence of angels and spirits and their willful intent to help.

The Mind-Body Mood Solution
Jeffrey Rossman, Ph.D., Director of Life Management at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, presents his breakthrough drug-free approach toward lasting relief from depression.

The Food That Fits 
Lori Reamer, R.D., Canyon Ranch in Lenox nutritionist, explores the principles of fashion theory as a fun, practical foundation for finding your food style.


Our complete, clinically proven skin care line smells lovely and feels wonderful, evoking all the pleasures of Canyon Ranch while making skin more resilient and beautiful from the inside out. 800-726-8040


Canyon Ranch Memberships
Would you like to belong to Canyon Ranch? You can! Membership offers a way to make a true commitment to healthy living, one that can span the generations – all at a significant savings.

Here’s what Molly Starr of San Francisco, a guest for 15 years who became a member two years ago, tells us:

“Canyon Ranch has a special invigorating energy that’s magical for me, and I feel it as soon as I arrive. Membership has enabled me to bring the next two generations of my family each year and share what I experience with my daughter and three beautiful granddaughters, in hopes that they will someday bring their children. It’s an affordable, rejuvenating family reunion.”

Learn more about Memberships in Tucson, Arizona

Learn more about Memberships in Lenox, Massachusetts