Canyon Ranch SpaClub® – Las Vegas

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Canyon Ranch SpaClub® – Las Vegas

Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet

Comprehensive care and comfort for feet comes to Canyon Ranch SpaClub® in Las Vegas, in partnership with foot expert Dr. Glenn Copeland, author of The Foot Book and The Foot Doctor. The center, located off the SpaClub lobby, is the first facility of its kind wholly devoted to advanced foot health and comfort.

“You’re not going to have a good time in Las Vegas — or in life — if your feet hurt,” says Spa Director Blake Feeney.

The center offers a range of relaxing, therapeutic services focused on feet and lower legs – received in a zero-gravity chair from specially trained massage therapists using botanical therapeutic products by Gehwol®, a German company that’s been all about foot health for more than a century. In addition, Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet offers advanced gait and foot-strike analysis, and orthotics. If it will make feet feel better, it’s available at Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet.

“Depending on what an assessment reveals, our biomechanical specialists can recommend off-the-shelf orthotics on the spot, or customize and deliver them to a guest’s room within a few hours,” says Blake Feeney, Las Vegas Spa Director.

“And, as everyone knows, nothing is more soothing and energizing than a good foot massage – our treatments take it to a whole new level.”

Our Innovative Services Include:

  • Complete Orthotics Assessment
    A painless, precise computerized assessment, along with gait analysis, is used to prescribe orthotics – inserts for shoes – that effectively correct problems.
  • All-Star Treatment for Athletes
    An intensive, 80-minute service designed to release tight leg muscles, aggravated I.T. bands, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.
  • Canyon Ranch Signature Foot and Lower-Leg Rejuvenation
    A luxurious, 80-minute complete treatment that includes a soak, deep oscillation to reduce swelling and discomfort, and an amazing foot and leg massage. Ahhhhh.
  • Foot Doctor Express
    A 25-minute treatment designed to rejuvenate and pamper feet and legs in a hurry.
  • Healthy in Heels
    A very special treatment for the fashion-conscious, targeting the aches and pains that high heels can cause. 50 minutes.
  • Healthy on Your Feet
    Special comfort for the tourist or convention-goer whose feet are hot, tired and sore. 50 minutes.
  • Instant Relief
    A focused treatment for those with heel or arch pain, sore Achilles tendons, neuromas, shin splints or pain in the ball of the foot. Relief is just 50 minutes away.