Prepare to Soar

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Prepare to Soar

by Kaye Patchett

“I’m petrified of heights. So what was I doing 20 feet above the ground, with two ropes and a couple of cables between me and utter panic? And why do people line up to do this?”

As a staff writer for Canyon Ranch Connection, I got the chance to try our new High Ropes Course in Tucson, so I could better describe the experience. It’s a challenging maze of ropes, platforms, cables, a climbing wall, Zipline, giant swing and more, most of them connected between telephone poles. I had written before about the popular Ropes Course at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, and thought I was prepared for a first-hand try.

First I mounted the swaying cargo net and clung convulsively as I ascended 20+ feet to the initial platform. I reached the small wooden deck and embraced the support pole for dear life.

My task was to walk across a single cable, tightrope-style, with only a loose rope on either side for balance. My brain knew I was clipped into the safety harness and could not fall, but it forgot to tell my trembling body. I needed encouragement, and that’s what I got – from friends on the ground and especially from the Ranch guides. One of them told me to imagine something at the other end that I wanted to reach. I thought of my unfinished novel as I took my first step. An expert guide was on the next platform, my destination, encouraging me with every step.

Minutes later I achieved what I’d thought was the impossible – an amazing triumph for me. Many people since then have found their own rewards on the high ropes.

Another viewpoint
Jane Davis from New Mexico is a mediator and former ski instructor who says, “I’m not generally afraid of heights, but the Ropes Course didn’t present a secure stance, except for the few inches of wood attached to the poles. The most challenging element was when I reached the top and realized I hadn’t asked how one got down.”

To finish the course, Jane had to face the giant swing, which starts with a brief free-fall followed by a great descending arc. It called for complete trust in her safety harness, the support of the Outdoor Sports guides, and in her fellow climbers. “After 30 minutes sitting terrified on the platform, I leaned off my safe perch and screamed. Then everything merged into exhilaration as I swung like a free spirit.

“I learned a lot about myself,” Jane says. “When asked, ‘Who wants to go first?’ I was reminded that I’m a leader and a communicator. I also confirmed that I love to push myself, I love teamwork, and I welcome a good challenge.”

Taking the challenge
Some people, like Californian Sandy Baker, approach the Ropes Course without trepidation. The Pilates teacher, national aerobics champion and marathon runner says, “It was the most exhilarating, empowering experience. The balance challenge, the need to stay in the moment and the sheer contrast to normal life were intriguing and thrilling.”

The course incorporates many skills learned in “on-ground” classes, Sandy says, from balancing on a Bosu® Ball to meditation. “Things sway, the ropes are unstable. You need to focus and be at one with the experience. For anyone, this is going to produce some adrenaline. Height is not natural for us – humans don’t fly.” But, she adds, “So much of life is risk-taking, and that sheer imagined fear can be limiting. I thought, ‘I’m at Canyon Ranch.’ There weren’t any real dangers. I could separate the ‘what ifs’ from the reality and enjoy the process.”

Something for everyone
Whether you try the Ropes Course in Tucson or Lenox, you’re sure to have a unique experience that reflects the background you bring to it. I started with fear and finished feeling like a million bucks. Jane rediscovered truths about herself. Sandy found thrills that surpassed even her exciting athletic pursuits. What might you find up in the high ropes?

Kaye Patchett is part of the Canyon Ranch writing team. She is no longer afraid of her kitchen step stool.

What else is up?

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