In Touch

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In Touch

“I am an addict,” says Marjorie Margolies.

She announces this with pride, and she’s not looking for a cure. A wellspring of positive energy, Marjorie was a broadcast journalist, served in the U.S. Congress, and is a professor in the Fels Institute of Government at University of Pennsylvania. All this in addition to helping raise a combined family of 11 children. And she can’t get enough of Canyon Ranch.

“It’s the place I can go to ‘stop,’ where I can restore my energy,” she says. “I would love to slow down to a four-day workweek in real life, but that’s not going to happen. That’s why I need a dose of Canyon Ranch.”

Born for adventure
Marjorie has always chosen the adventurous path in life. For many years, her house was filled with her adopted, biological and stepchildren – an environment that presented surprise, challenge and excitement on a daily basis. This would keep most people busy enough, but Marjorie’s supply of enthusiasm and compassion is apparently infinite. She was a respected, intelligent voice as a journalist, and a champion for the public good as a congresswoman. Now she is president of Women’s Campaign International,working mostly in Africa and Latin America to help women become empowered participants in the marketplace, politics and domestic well-being of their nations.

“You can do it all,” she says. “You just can’t do it all with the same intensity and at the same time. I believe in keeping your lists short and picking your battles – a clean room doth not a good person make! And I discourage excess drama. If one of my kids complains about the small stuff, I say, ‘That’s below the line.’”

While Marjorie loves what she’s doing, she is the  rst to say that her hectic schedule takes its toll. Under the best of circumstances, it’s exhausting to travel regularly to places like Tanzania and Ethiopia and visit grown children who have settled continents away. Canyon Ranch helps replenish her reserves.

“As soon as I get there, I feel it,” she says. “It’s that fresh, wonderful clean air, and the great spa smell. It seeds my need to stop.

“I’m not particularly good at slowing down, not even for yellow lights. Even at Canyon Ranch, I wind up running to get to relaxation classes. It just works for me.”

Marjorie has been a featured speaker at the resorts in Lenox and Tucson. She naturally motivates others to expand their horizons. In one presentation, she told the story of visiting an orphanage in Malawi, where she gave away her reading glasses to an older woman who clearly had trouble seeing. The woman wept in gratitude, and Marjorie was struck by how those inexpensive readers – readily available to most of us – could make all the difference for people who earn their living by making crafts and doing detail work that requires good vision.

“A guest named Shulamith Elster heard my talk, went home and organized a group of synagogues to collect nonprescription reading glasses for people who couldn’t get them otherwise,” Marjorie says. “Hundreds of glasses have been distributed since then.”

Inspiration and renewal
Marjorie often hears from guests that the Ranch experience is their chance to get out of their comfort zone and do new things. Unstoppably adventurous, Marjorie  nds that the Ranch gives her something else.

“What I get is perspective,” Marjorie says. “I exercise at home, but I especially love yoga and meditation at the Ranch. It’s a way to get the trash out of my head, which is a huge accomplishment for me.”

Restoring balance helps Marjorie handle her numerous projects and commitments. Canyon Ranch opens her spirit, she says, so she’s always ready for the next challenge.

“I was once with a group of people who were asked what we’d say in our last three minutes, anywhere, anytime,” Marjorie says. “My favorite answer: Watch this…!