Wellness at Home

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Wellness at Home

Building Your Home Health Team

It all seems so easy at Canyon Ranch: You meet with a physician in the morning and a nutritionist in the afternoon. The next day you might have a session with a movement therapist or talk with a behavioral expert. Everyone is right here for you, and they work as a team on your behalf. When you leave, you take home a detailed plan and sincere commitment. So, how do you find professional support at home to help you stay on track?

“It’s about taking charge of your health care,” says Cindy Geyer, M.D., Medical Director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, “and finding professionals who will honor your goals and approach.”

Doctor, doctor

While Canyon Ranch experts are available for at-home phone consultations, Dr. Cindy Geyer says, it’s important to have a local physician whom you trust, who is familiar with your health status and goals, and is available for acute and ongoing care.

“Your physician should be someone who really listens to you with an open mind,” she says. “If your doctor is more medically inclined while you think first about exercise and nutrition, he or she should respect your intentions to complement your health care in those ways.”

Having a long-term relationship with your doctor is a great advantage. However, don’t feel compelled to stay with someone if you’re not completely comfortable.

“Shop around for someone you connect with,” Dr. Geyer says. “Choose someone who will work as a partner in your health care, not as the director.”

You’re not likely to get a 50-minute doctor’s appointment at home the way you do at Canyon Ranch. With your permission, your physician can consult with your Ranch doctor to discuss progress, tests and optimal treatment plans.

“We also do at-home phone consultations with patients,” Dr. Geyer says. “Guests have test results sent to us between visits, so we stay involved in their care.”

Everyday nutrition

For most people, a consultation with a Canyon Ranch nutritionist yields tremendous knowledge, Dr. Geyer says, enough to last until another visit. If you have specific concerns – diabetes, food allergies, or need an elimination diet, etc. – you might look for an expert at home.

“Ask your doctor for a referral or check with friends,” she says. “Try to find a nutritionist who specializes in your area of concern.”

You’ll find a list of nutritionists in your area at eatright.org. And, of course, your Canyon Ranch nutritionist is available for follow-up phone sessions and consultation with other experts.

Staying fit

Many guests come to Canyon Ranch to get back in shape, fine-tune their exercise regimen or to ratchet up for peak performance. Our experts can prepare a detailed exercise prescription to use on your own or to share with a personal trainer at home.

If you don’t have a trainer, ask around for recommendations or check at your local gym. Whether you’re working with free weights, machines or doing yoga exercises on a mat, a professional can help you maintain good form for safety and best results.

“You may need an exercise physiologist or physical therapist if your needs are more acute,” Dr. Geyer says, “such as arthritis or a musculoskeletal issue.”

Behaviorally speaking

“Behavior is where we tend to get stuck at home,” Dr. Geyer says. “We know how to eat and exercise, but life gets in the way. A behavioral expert can get you unstuck and past self-blame if you fall off the wagon.”

Talking with a professional can help you see what works and what doesn’t and gain the perspective you need. Find someone in your community who fits the bill for short-term consultation or to start an ongoing relationship. You can also arrange phone sessions with your favorite Ranch professional. “We’re never far away,” says Dr. Geyer, “and we’re always on your side.”

With the right support, you can stay on a healthy track wherever you are. Seek the people who help you thrive and keep your goals in mind!