Dream Street & Canyon Ranch

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Dream Street & Canyon Ranch

20 Years of Healing & Hope


http://canyonranch.web03.i-sites.com/connection/i/_.gifThis summer, Canyon Ranch celebrated a joyous anniversary – 20 years of partnership with Dream Street Foundation, which runs summer camps for hundreds of children and young adults with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Canyon Ranch is proud to host weeklong camps for several dozen young people each summer.

We caught up with a group of Dream Street campers while they were on property in August, to ask them what the week had meant to them.

“This is my heaven on earth,” says Aviana Gracial. She discovered the Dream Street Kids’ Camp program as an 11-year-old with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and has been involved ever since. “This is my peak of happiness for the year.” She recently graduated from the Claremont College in California and is planning to become a veterinarian.

Luis Yucupicio, a Tucsonan and member of the Yaqui tribe, was experiencing Dream Street for the first time. “It was so amazing how close we all became in just a couple of days – we’re friends for life. We truly care for one another.”

Kim Stillwell, who, like many of the program counselors, started out as a camper herself, participated in the very first Young Adult Camp, in 1991. “Dream Street is mental, physical and psychological healing. When you go through illness as a child, it’s so hard to find others you can really share with. When you leave at the end of the week, it’s like a ton of bricks has been lifted off your shoulders. I know.”

To learn more about Dream Street, please visit dreamstreetfoundation.org