Who Knew?

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Who Knew?

by Enid Zuckerman,
Canyon Ranch Founder

Who knew that we would enter the third act of our lives with the world changing at such a fast pace – and that in some ways we are managing to keep up with it!

Who knew that we would be staying in touch through electronics?
I used to write thank-you notes on lovely stationery. Now it’s a quick dash on email. My handwriting has gotten sloppier, and thank goodness for spellcheck to keep us looking good!

Who knew that you would have to look amazing – or the best you can – to talk to someone using Skype or Facetime?
We never had to do that for phone calls!

Who knew we would be able to talk with anyone anywhere in the world, clear as if that person was in the next room?
The sleepless nights I could have avoided years ago when my adventurous daughter was off in Africa! We’d receive a letter saying she was fine – 10 days after she wrote it. A lot could and did happen while we waited for those letters to arrive.

Who knew we would have to slather on sunscreen because the ozone layer was getting depleted?
Be honest, who even knew an ozone layer existed? Well, we all do now.

Who knew we were supposed to “go green”?
I’m thinking about the paper, plastic or cloth debate we all face at the supermarket. I have a trunk full of cloth shopping bags that I forget about more than I use – I feel very full of myself when I do use my cloth bags! My 9-year-old granddaughter is totally green already and reminds me to flush only once – unless absolutely necessary! I remember when people used to get pennies for returning glass bottles to stores. Ecology and economy! Maybe some people still do that, but mostly I see plastic bottles everywhere. Can’t we do better than that?

Who knew from texting?
Now I find it’s a great way to keep in touch instantly. I actually use the phone less and less.

With all these rapid changes, it seems as if the “good old days” were only 10 years ago. Children born in this era have no memory of the simpler days of those thank-you notes and phones that were all voice and no picture. It makes me wonder what we’ll be in for in our fourth act of life. Who knows?

I hope your summer was beautiful, and that the rest of your year is healthy and happy.