Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

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Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

Restoring a Healthy Balance in Busy, Stress-Filled Lives

Drew Scott knows all about marketing – and can easily spot the difference between reality and hype.

The Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program is the real deal, Drew says. She recently returned for a “tune-up” after a 25-pound weight loss last year following a week at the Life Enhancement Center® in Tucson. But it’s really not about the numbers: Drew is feeling lighter in spirit as well as in body these days, with a renewed commitment to health and well-being.

Drew said the program is “much more about living healthy than about losing weight. Every single moment I was there, I felt stronger, happier and better about myself.”

Some major life changes, including the launch of a new marketing business in her hometown of San Francisco, brought stress and a sense that her life had gotten a bit out of balance, Drew said. Hoping that a Canyon Ranch visit would allow her to push the “reset” button and get on a better track to health, she booked her first LEC stay. She’s convinced it was the best decision she could have possibly made at the time.

“I’ve been to other group programs and they tend to be so regimented,” she said. “It feels like you’re punishing yourself and being treated like a child. Canyon Ranch is all about empowerment, taking charge of yourself and your health.”

The Life Enhancement experience

Drew isn’t much into group activities, so she was leery before her first week at LEC. But to her surprise she soon formed an easy camaraderie with her fellow guests. “Everyone is great! There’s such diversity – old, young, heavy, with a variety of issues – and everyone is there in their own space. But we all shared the desire to learn how to live healthier and be happier. It put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.”

Some highlights of her LEC stay:

  • Everything’s included. “Meals, activities, it’s all provided for you, so you can focus on what you’re there to do.”
  • Choices. “I enjoyed such a variety of activities – I did Watsu, Rejuvenating Waters, Life Management services, arts classes and more. You can choose an area and really focus in. The first time, for me, it was about getting fit. The second time I decided to address more of the emotional and mental issues that affected my health and weight.”
  • The flexibility. “I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition and food, so I was concerned that the classes would be about stuff I already know. Some of it was remedial – but when I spoke up and talked to the staff, I learned they cater to your level of knowledge, which I really appreciated.”
  • The food. “I am really kind of a food snob, and I loved the food, all of it! I liked that they used fresh and high-end ingredients, and I found the portions more than adequate.”
  • Mel Zuckerman’s visit with the LEC guests. “Mel’s talk inspired me – the story about how he and Enid created the Ranch to be the perfect environment to live healthy and do the things that excite you. And it also made me aware that I needed to take home these ideas and do things in my own life to make me happy in my space.”

Since returning home, Drew has taken Mel’s message to heart. “I’ve created my own little Canyon Ranch. In my work space I have a cactus plant, a picture on the wall, and other things to remind me that each of us is deserving of beauty and good things in life.”







Hear about Drew’s journey in her own words.

About the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 – or you just feel that unhealthy eating habits have gotten out of control – a Canyon Ranch resort can be the perfect place to set a weight loss goal and get your healthy lifestyle on track.

The Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program at the Life Enhancement Center® is offered throughout the year in Tucson. If you like the idea of a structured weight-loss experience of one week or longer, this program is for you. Spend part of each day in a small-group setting in the beautiful, retreat-like Life Enhancement Center. Through private consultations and a detailed schedule of classes and group activities, you’ll expand your understanding of healthy living and establish the habits you need to reach your goals. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax, savor our healthy gourmet cuisine, or pamper yourself silly with luxurious spa treatments.

The Weight Loss Program at Canyon Ranch in Lenox allows you to follow activities independently during a seven-night stay, forgoing the group experience. You’ll have a roster of classes plus personal consultations with caring experts – physicians, Life Management therapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and more – who will assess every aspect of your health and lifestyle in an unhurried, respectful atmosphere. If you can’t stay a full week, consider adding our popular New Approaches to Weight Loss health package to your stay.

Whether you visit Tucson or Lenox, you’ll enjoy Ranch support after you leave with phone or video follow-up sessions with a nutritionist, exercise physiologist or Life Management specialist.


Getting Fit – Bit by Bit

Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists are suggesting The Fitbit™ Wireless Activity Tracker – the next-generation pedometer – to guests in the Weight Loss Program. The Fitbit not only counts steps, it detects velocity, distance, inclines and levels (stairs) climbed.

“A pedometer can’t tell if you’re running or walking,” says Richard Butler, Senior Exercise Physiologist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox. “The Fitbit will take all of the variants in intensity and translate them into calories burned. It makes a huge difference in tracking your daily activity level.”