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Stay Connected

Sole Energizers for Happy Feet!

Reward your hardworking feet with Canyon Ranch Sole Energizers™. They’re specially designed to improve circulation, massage, stretch and strengthen your feet to help relieve aches and put the spring back in your step. Sole Energizers are available at Canyon Ranch properties or you can order yours at 888-708-0818. When you visit any Ranch destination or SpaClub® at Sea, try one of our foot fitness classes – your feet will thank you for it!


Socially Exceptional

Stay connected with that great Canyon Ranch feeling wherever you are – technology makes it easy! Be part of our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest communities. It’s a great way to keep in touch, motivated and in the loop. You’ll hear what’s going on at the Ranch, and we hope to hear from you, too.


Healthy Reading

Is your body geared for hunting or farming? Canyon Ranch Corporate Medical Director Mark Liponis, MD, explains how you can tell the difference and adjust your diet to maintain a healthy weight.



Great News for Ranch Members & Homeowners

Have you invested in healthy living with a Canyon Ranch membership or a home on Ranch property? If so, life is about to get even sweeter. In gratitude for your loyalty, we’re adding exciting new benefits and luxury partnerships that are sure to delight you. Details to follow!

For information about membership or home ownership, please call:
520-749-9655, Ext. 4567 in Tucson; or
413-637-4400, Ext. 5411 in Lenox