Let’s Get Metaphysical

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Let’s Get Metaphysical

Intuition & pathways to self-awareness

Sometimes we surprise ourselves by stepping into unexpected realms. Astrology, for instance, came to me via one of our first staff members, who introduced me to a practitioner whose reading was extremely accurate and deeply insightful (I’ve told this story in my book The Restless Visionary.) My astrology chart reaffirmed the reasons I had moved ahead with what so many people thought was a crazy idea: the building of Canyon Ranch. It attuned me to my inner nature and embedded a rationale for peace of mind about a life of service that could not possibly go wrong. I decided that if my reading was any indication, it might be a good thing to offer our guests.

Our metaphysical professionals are talented, intuitive guides whose gifts have illuminated personal paths for many of our most skeptical guests. I invite you to explore this area on your next Ranch visit. I guarantee you’ll have fun and gain surprising new insights.

– Mel Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch founder

First-time guests are often surprised by all the metaphysical opportunities at Canyon Ranch. But it actually makes sense: The Ranch philosophy fosters a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit, and “the power of possibility” extends beyond the physical to allow for the metaphysical.

Each metaphysical offering at Canyon Ranch contributes in its own way to healthy living. Choose the avenues that appeal to you: Learn how your environment can support your goals and intentions through feng shui. Gain new perspective on a problem with a Tarot or clairvoyant reading. Re-examine your thoughts and behavior through handwriting analysis. Or find new focus for your meditation practice based on your astrological chart.

Lesley Lupo, a psychic at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, says Hollywood is responsible for widespread misunderstanding of what a psychic is. “I have no mystical powers. I can’t put a curse on you, or tell you how or when you’re going to die. I can help you with intuition and insights.”

Kaye P., a guest from London, was doubtful but decided to try a clairvoyant reading and Tarot cards just for fun. “I had felt guilty for years after the apparent suicide of a close family member,” she says, “then I was told that it had been an accident, nothing I could have helped with. Those words, wherever they came from, lifted a great burden from me. I thought it would just be a lark, but it was so much more. I found the reassurance I needed.”

Lesley says that metaphysical practitioners have enhanced gifts for perception, “an inborn type of radar that interprets the electromagnetic field (EMF) surrounding us.” It’s the same ability that animals exhibit when they sense the coming of an earthquake or storm. We all have intuition, but some are better at focusing and using it. Think of a police investigator or psychotherapist who is very good at his or her work – it could be because of higher-than-average intuitive abilities.

So, can you see the future in planets, crystals, cards or numbers? Again, Hollywood has fostered this idea, but Lesley says it’s not so. “You have a free will. All I can do is help you understand and reflect upon how and why you make your choices in life. Our role is to take you on a kind of guided spiritual journey. What you do with the information is up to you.”

A Guided Walk Within

Because of growing guest interest, the list of offerings at Canyon Ranch in Tucson and Lenox has expanded to include metaphysical areas such as:

Clairvoyant Readings
Crystal Energy (Tucson)
Feng Shui
Handwriting Analysis
Tarot Card Reading