Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

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Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

The Key to Fitness

Your High-Tech Workout

You’ve set your new fitness goals, scheduled your workouts and are feeling optimistic. You hope for steady progress – getting the most bang for all your hard work – but, to be honest, your routine varies from day to day. You might do more on Monday, less on Wednesday, and you might even find reasons to avoid the machine your trainer says is great but you happen to hate. How’s a person with great intentions supposed to stay on track? At Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, the latest fitness technology not only keeps tabs on every workout – it sets up your next one, too!

Your fitness prescription

Exercise physiologists Jeff Dolgan and Oliver Medina of Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa agree that the TechnoGym Wellness Key System doesn’t miss a thing.

“We start out with a basic exercise physiology assessment in which one of us meets with you personally to discuss goals and assess aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility,” Jeff says. “With that information, we design your customized fitness prescription, which we download into a database using your Wellness Key. We also include a private session to help implement your new routine.”

The Canyon Ranch gym uses state-of-the-art Techno-Gym fitness machines. Every piece of equipment is conveniently programmed to read Wellness Keys.

“I like that it tracks everything you do during that workout,” Oliver says, “When you’re finished, you just insert your key at our kiosk to download your info. Next time you come, you insert your key again and upload a workout plan for that day, based on what you achieved the time before. You’re ready to go and always on track.”

Time, commitment & results

This key system is most effective with long-term use, Jeff points out. That’s why it’s popular with Canyon Ranch Living® residents, who live on property and can enjoy the amazing ocean-view gym and healthy lifestyle every day. You may be able to take advantage of similar technology available where you live.

“This is a very effective approach, because it takes the guesswork out of your fitness routine,” Jeff says. “You have consistency and accountability, so you really see progress.”