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Canyon Ranch Institute

Our vision of healthy living was never meant only for Canyon Ranch guests. Our goal has always been to share the inspiration and tools for greater health with as many people as possible. Canyon Ranch Institute® (CRI) is making this happen every day by reaching out to underserved populations around the country and abroad. We’re thrilled that CRI’s latest partnership is with the highly respected Berkshire Health Systems (BHS), a nonprofit entity that serves the county in which Canyon Ranch in Lenox employs more than 500 people and welcomes thousands of guests every year. We’ve embraced this beautiful area as our second home for more than 25 years and care deeply about the health and well-being of its residents.

This venture joins the resources of BHS and CRI to offer low-income community members a wellness education and fitness program based on the proven Life Enhancement Program® offered at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. The strategically adapted model – known as the CRI Life Enhancement Program® – has been successfully implemented in rural locations and urban centers such as north central Missouri, the South Bronx, Cleveland and Tucson. David Phelps, President and CEO of BHS, discovered the concept during a visit to Canyon Ranch and a conversation with Reggie Cooper, Managing Director of Canyon Ranch in Lenox, and Jennifer Cabe, Executive Director of Canyon Ranch Institute. David is enthusiastic about creating this opportunity in Berkshire County:

“The health improvement and participant results that Canyon Ranch Institute has achieved with its partners in other parts of the country are extraordinary. While the CRI Life Enhancement Program is targeted toward some of the neediest members of our community, BHS would expect the knowledge, skills and experience to influence our overall health-care delivery and programming as well, with our team members incorporating the principles they learn into all of their interactions with our patients and our community.”

The partnership with BHS was assessed by Richard H. Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, Vice Chairman of Canyon Ranch, President of Canyon Ranch Institute and 17th U.S. Surgeon General, who said, “Berkshire Health Systems is an ideal partner for CRI because of their longstanding dedication to building a strong base of wellness and health improvements in the community. The leaders of Berkshire Health Systems understand that our nation can have the best science and the best systems of care, but if we’re not reaching the people who are most in need, then we still need to improve.”

Through this partnership, BHS professionals, representing all aspects of integrative health, participate in a specialized training program designed by CRI. They then implement the CRI Life Enhancement Program to measurably improve individual and community health and wellness.

Our original and eternal hope is that Canyon Ranch can help people everywhere enjoy greater health. Thanks to CRI and BHS, that dream is coming true in the Berkshires.


Enid and Mel Zuckerman
Founders, Canyon Ranch and
Canyon Ranch Institute


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