Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

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Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

 A Place for Dreamers


It’s the stuff of a million dreams – the wide-open skies and breathtaking canyons, timeless Southwestern culture, and the legends and traditions that have always drawn people to the romance and possibilities of Tucson. The magic of the Sonoran Desert remains alive and thriving today, nourished by all the inhabitants who have added their spirit to it along the way.

This is where Native Americans long ago created healing practices using local plants and told stories about the animals around them, like Coyote the famous trickster. City folk left their safe brick homes and endured wagon-train dangers for the chance at adventure and fresh starts. People have come here to cure their ills, pursue their goals, nurture their art and discover their true voices in the naturally serene, everything-is-possible environment.

Canyon Ranch guests in Tucson still find inspiration here to expand their minds and thinking. It’s the perfect place to look up at the clouds and see where your dreams might take you.